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Attaché document management services (Alex) let you email and fax business and payroll documents created in Attaché directly to receivers — your customers, suppliers and employees, or other recipients. You can track delivery and receipt of each document and perform other reporting tasks on the status of documents sent through the service. In addition, you can add inclusions to documents that you send.

To send documents, you need to install AlexConnect (the software component for document delivery) on every computer that runs Attaché. In addition, you may need to configure the AlexConnect Queue Manager (AlexQ).

Individual senders can establish accounts, change passwords, track sent documents and perform other tasks during the sender account registration process.

Follow the Quick start for Attaché document delivery (Alex) to begin the setup. Once complete, your system will automatically send your Attaché documents instead of printing them. (If you don’t set up delivery addresses for some documents, Attaché simply prints the document as usual.)

Attaché document management websites 

These secure sites protect all details of your documents and require senders and receivers to register for an Attaché Online account prior to logging in and viewing documents.

  • Attaché BizDocs Outbox -  for senders of Attaché document, which is accessible for registered accounts. This allows for tracking of the delivered documents.
  • Attaché BizDocs Inbox - for receivers of business documents such as your customers and suppliers. This allows them to access their documents any time to save or download.
  • Attaché MyPay - for receivers of pay advices such as your employees. 

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