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About Attaché BizDocs Outbox

BizDocs Outbox is available to users who send business documents from their Attaché accounting software using Attaché Document Management (Alex) service. The outbox allows you to track delivery success, search and view documents on a secure online portal.  

Features and benefits

  • Senders can easily track the delivery status of all business documents sent from their Attaché accounting software
  • View the date and time that documents were opened by the recipient
  • Documents are safe as they are sent via a secure, single server environment that is free from from virus, spam and phishing
  • 24 x 7 access 
  • View up to 42 months of document history


To access your BizDocs Outbox, register for Attaché Online 



Also available

BizDocs Inbox for receivers  your customers and suppliers
A free secure online inbox to access and store business documents received from organisations using Attaché accounting software.  Find out more.

Find out more

Read more about the features and benefits in the Attaché BizDocs fact sheet (PDF).