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This page links to Help Centre topics about significant features in Attaché BI. (You can also read about the new look and feel and Attaché Desktop.)

Not yet moved to Attaché BI?

If you have not yet moved to Attaché BI, you’re missing out on important enhancements that will provide immediate business improvement today and underlying technology updates designed to protect you from future disruption.

Attaché BI Accounts features

Attaché Backup Scheduler

The new Attaché Backup Scheduler lets you schedule backups to occur daily, weekly or monthly or at any specified time. You can choose the backup destination, for example, an external hard drive or a location on your network.

Masterfile List Wizard

The List Wizard in Attaché BI includes an improved layout, new sort and filtering options and greater flexibility and control over data selection.

Prospects masterfile

Store details of prospective customers, including multiple contacts and document delivery addresses in the new Prospects masterfile. You can create quotes for prospects, create prospects from quotations and convert prospects to customers.

Customer invoice reminders

Create and send reminders for overdue invoices. The Invoice Reminders tab on the Attaché Desktop displays a list of overdue invoices. You can use the sort and filter functions to find specific invoices for which to send reminders. The related invoices are sent with the reminder and multiple reminders for the same customer can be bundled into a single email.

Supplier recurring transactions

Set up a schedule to generate recurring invoices. You can use these schedules to control how often and how many times the invoices are generated, the dates that recurring generation starts and/or stops and the maximum total amount to be invoiced.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

A key enhancement in Attaché BI is the Bill of Materials (BOM) feature, which lists the components and quantities required to manufacture end products. The BOM is a valuable tool that's sure to assist with your estimating and purchasing requirements. BOM workflow on the Attaché BI Desktop allows for quicker access to BOM tasks.

Set up products as bills and specify the raw materials that make up the finished item. You can then add the bills to a production batch and reserve the stock for the bill which will prevent the stock from being sold. The production batch can then be manufactured which creates usage transactions for raw materials and a production transaction for the bill. These transactions update the quantities in stock and the cost of the finished goods.

The Bill Instructions tab allows you to enter recipe details or build instructions. You can access these instructions in Production Batch Entry, edit the instructions for a specific production batch and print them on a production picking slip. Bill instructions can help you organise and manage assembly work as well as plan the supply and inventory of materials required to complete orders or jobs.

New Bank Reconciliation

Attaché BI includes a new Bank Reconciliation that lets you import a bank statement file and automatically match the bank transactions with your Attaché transactions.

Custom colours for transaction-entry screens

In Screen Designer you can customise the background and border colours of customer and supplier transaction-entry and lookup tasks by modifying the Header and Header Body screen properties.

Improved customer and supplier consolidation

To make bank reconciliation easier, customer payment consolidation at the general ledger level now matches what you would see on your bank statement when processing multiple payment files for customer payments, including direct debit, credit card payments, cash and cheque payments. This also applies to supplier payments, including bank deposits.

Enhancements to Attaché BI Fixed Assets

Attaché BI Fixed Assets includes the ability to split depreciation across multiple cost centres, thus providing more detailed General Ledger reporting. In addition, the new Fixed Assets workflows and end-of-month processes eliminate the need to locate tasks via the menus.

GST Reporting for Papua New Guinea

Attaché BI includes a new report to assist with GST reporting in Papua New Guinea. This includes the automatic breakdown of the Province of Sale and an allocations table so that the GST is reported on the correct part of the form. A GST Audit report is also available that lists the transactions making up each total on the report.

Attaché BI Payroll features

Leave liability journals for multiple cost centres

In Attaché BI Payroll you can now post leave liability journal entries to the general ledger for multiple cost centres. Previously, you could only create general ledger postings for one cost centre at a time. This enhancement has required changes to Cost Centre Maintenance, where an additional screen has been added for default leave liability accounts, as well as changes to the Leave Liability Journals report and the Cost Centre Details report.

Working Holiday Maker program (Australian payroll compliance)

Attaché BI Payroll includes changes related to the Working Holiday Maker program (visa 417 or 462), known as the "backpackers tax". This includes new tax rates for affected employees and the Working Holiday Maker payment summaries.

Fringe Benefits Tax reporting requirements (Australian payroll compliance)

Attaché BI Payroll includes payment summary layouts for employees that have both exempt and non-exempt FBT amounts.

Cashing out annual leave (Australian payroll compliance)

Most awards and agreements now allow for leave to be cashed out. In Attaché BI Payroll you can set up an income type to process for employees who wish to cash out leave.

Employer Deductions Form (EDF IR345) file (New Zealand payroll compliance)

In Attaché BI Payroll you can create the Employer Deductions Form (IR345) file when running the IRD Reconciliation Report. You can automatically generate the file to upload to the IRD, eliminating the need to manually enter figures on the IRD website.

Automatic calculation of extra pay (New Zealand payroll)

Attaché BI Payroll lets you automatically calculate the Extra Pay rate to be applied for an employee, thus simplifying the calculation of extra pay and reducing the likelihood of errors.


Attaché BizDocs is the safe and secure way to manage Attaché business documents. BizDocs is more efficient than email alone, which can be lost, blocked or compromised. Now business critical accounting documents can be securely stored, shared and searched online by both senders and receivers, anywhere, anytime.

Attaché Express Leave is an online application that gives both employers and employees an easy way to manage leave requests, from their mobile, tablet or desktop. Leave requests are approved by managers and sent to payroll for processing, streamlining processes and eliminating paperwork. Employees can view their leave entitlements, leave history and see a calendar showing other employees' leave and public holidays.