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Single Touch Payroll (STP) lodgements are simply an extension of your normal pay run. Instead of accumulating payroll data for annual reporting to the ATO, that same data is instead sent incrementally to the ATO after each pay run.

Attaché's STP solution connects your Attaché Payroll data to your Attaché Online account. You'll use Attaché Online to make STP lodgements to the ATO. 

More specifically, each payroll company (dataset) will have an associated Attaché Online organisation. When you process a pay run – called a "pay event" for STP purposes — the data (or batch) required for the STP lodgement will be uploaded to your online organisation and validated to ensure it meets ATO requirements. When you are ready to lodge, you'll log into your Attaché Online organisation and submit the batch to the ATO.  

Read Using Single Touch Payroll to submit pay events to the ATO for more details on how our solution works. 


Payroll video demo

Watch our Turbo-charge your payroll with Attaché Payroll video (12:40 mins). It includes our Single Touch Payroll solution.

Employee fact sheet (PDF)

Our fact sheet explains what Single Touch Payroll means to employees.

See How employees are affected by Single Touch Payroll