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To obtain licences for Access Attaché products, talk to your consultant or contact us.

Your Attaché licence can be activated or updated at any time after installing Attaché

Note: If you have a licence file that was issued for Attaché version 3.4 (May 2016) or earlier and you try to install this licence (for example, if uninstalling and reinstalling the software or moving to a new server) it will not be updated automatically for the latest version. You will need to get a new compatible licence file by contacting the Attaché Sales team.

Installing your Attaché licence

To install your Attaché licence:

  1. Download the emailed licence files and save them to an accessible folder on you computer. We recommend creating a licence folder, for example, C:\Apps\Attache\Licence.
  2. If the licence files are in a zip file, extract the files.
  3. Ensure all users are logged out of Attaché.
  4. Start Attaché, sign on and choose: Help | Update Licence
  5. Type the location of the licence files or use Find (F2) to select the location and click Select.
  6. Choose Accept (F9).
  7. The licence files are located and read into the system. A confirmation message is displayed when this process is complete.
  8. Choose File | Exit.
  9. Navigate to the machine where your Attaché Database Server is installed.
  10. Open you local services. This depends on which operating system you are using: 
    • Windows 7: Open the Control Panel, type local services into the search box on the top right and then select View Local Services.
    • Windows 8: Type local services into the Start screen.
    • Windows 10: Type services into the Start screen.
  11. In the Services screen, right-click on Attaché Database Server.
  12. Select Restart.
  13. Confirm Attaché Database Service Status is Started.
  14. Start Attaché and sign on. Check licence details in Help | About Attaché.

REF: A001291.15    090418  18.1

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