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You should review the Attaché Database Server cache size setting, particularly on 64-bit systems, as the available memory can vary greatly on these machines. (Due to limited memory on 32-bit systems there is not much scope to extend the cache size beyond the default setting.) Increasing the cache size can have a significant positive impact on performance, especially when multiple large data sets are being accessed.

The Attaché Database Server reserves memory for the entire cache on start up.

These settings are stored in the ctsrvr.cfg file, located in the Attaché Database Server program directory.

There are two separate caches for Attaché data (DAT_MEMORY) and index files (IDX_MEMORY). Each cache size is set independently. The defaults are:

  • 32-bit server:
    • 100MB Data Cache
    • 100MB Index Cache
  • 64-bit server
    • 1000MB Data Cache
    • 1000MB Index Cache

Note: Reserved memory will not be available to any other applications, which may therefore suffer memory shortage. You should ensure there is enough available memory remaining to the server so that it can perform all tasks without performance degradation

Considerations when setting the cache size

Available memory and usage

For general operation, enough memory needs to be available to the operating system at all times. As a guide, we recommend 4GB available for the server.

The server will also require memory for additional tasks or software. Allocate enough available memory as per the specifications for third-party software. Examples include:

  • Terminal Services
  • Microsoft Office suite
  • Mail server
  • Web server
  • File server
  • Virtual machines
  • Web browser 

Database size

There is little benefit in setting the cache to be larger than the data on the server. You can check your database sizes by navigating to the Data folder in the Attaché Database Server program directory and checking the properties to find the total size of Attaché companies (datasets).


REF: A001291.15    090518  18.1