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After installing or upgrading your Attaché system, you should check the installation and connection to the database.

To check that Attache is running successfully:

  1. Start Attaché but do not sign on. 
    If you have not properly installed the workstation, you will be prompted to install it now.
  2. Attaché will connect to the Attaché Database Server and confirm the connection via a message in the status bar. If it does not connect, click Server on the Sign On screen and then select the server manually.
  3. Choose Help | About Attaché. Ensure that the VIPUser Logins and Expiry Date are the same as previously and that the Database Server is correctly listed.
  4. Sign on and select the SAMPLE DATA company.
  5. Choose Yes when asked The selected Sample Company has not been installed. Do you want to install it now?
    The Sample Data company will be installed.
  6. Make some simple changes in the Sample Data company, for example, update a customer masterfile or enter an invoice.
  7. Close the Sample Data company and reopen it. Ensure that the changes you made have been recorded. 

REF: A001291.15    100518  18.1