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Before installing or upgrading Attaché BI ClearView you should ensure that your system meets the Attaché ClearView system requirements including .NET framework.

To prepare for the installation process, carry out the tasks described below.

  • Download the Attaché BI ClearView installer (SetupClearViewBIx.xx.exe) from the Attaché Members website.
  • (If applicable) Download the compatible PowerLink version from the YearOne website. If PowerLink is used, it must be upgraded to a compatible version after installing ClearView. For more detailed information and instructions see the PowerLink Members Area on the YearOne website.
  • Administrator rights – Check that you have access to the Windows server, including an Administrator User and corresponding password. Note that you need Domain Administrator username and password to install ClearView. This user must also have rights to "Log on as a service".
  • Back up Attaché company data – All Attaché company data folders should be backed up before proceeding.
  • Attaché programs and data location – Check that all users have the same mapped drive letter to the Attaché programs and that their Attaché shortcuts are set up correctly using that mapped drive.
  • Identify the physical location of Attaché – Locate and note where Attaché is physically stored on the server (for example C:\Apps\AttacheBI rather than F:\AttacheBI). In the case of a non-Windows data server, such as Linux or Novell, note the UNC path to the Attaché program files.
  • Set Regional and Language options
    • Go to Regional Language Options in the Control Panel. 
    • Under Regional Options, set the Short date format to dd/MM/yyyy (or d/MM/yyyy) and ensure the Time format is set to AM and PM (rather than a.m. and p.m.).
    • Under the Administrative tab, copy settings for Default User Accounts and System Accounts. The exact wording and location of this setting may vary depending on your server operating system.
      Note: The Data Service operation will not be successful unless the regional settings are correct.
  • Ensure all users are logged out of Attaché and PowerLink before and during ClearView installation. A server restart maybe required.

Note:  After completing the installation or upgrade, remember to set Antivirus exceptions .

REF: A001522.02    010318  CV441

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