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Before you begin installing Attaché BI ClearView, ensure you have carried out the tasks in Preparing to install Attaché BI ClearView including ensuring all users are logged out of Attaché and PowerLink for the duration of the installation. A server restart maybe required.

Installing ClearView at the server

To install ClearView at the server:

  1. Run SetupClearViewBIx.xx.exe as administrator.
    The InstallShield wizard is displayed.
  2. Follow the prompts ensuring that the destination folder you select is the Attaché program file path you have identified above.
  3. When prompted, click Finish to complete the installation.

Installing the Data Service at the server

Once the installation is complete, the Data Service installation automatically starts. 
Note: The installer for the Data Service is SetupCVDataServiceBI.msi and is located within the AttacheBI\PLINK folder.
h9.To install the Data Service:

  1. The installation path is automatically calculated and should not need to be changed. 
  2. Specify the user name and password that will be used to start the data service. Ensure that this user account has the required privileges to run services.
  3. Specify the Attaché user name and password to be used by the Data Service. Attaché Software recommends that you use the SUPERVISOR account details.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Running the ClearView Company Upgrade Utility

The ClearView Company Upgrade Utility must be run when installing ClearView for the first time as well as when upgrading.

See Attaché BI ClearView Company Upgrade Utility

Confirming successful installation

Once ClearView and the Data Service have been installed at the server, you should confirm that the installation is successful before installing ClearView at the workstations.

To confirm successful installation:

  1. Sign into Attaché BI and choose the \[SAMPLE DATA\] company.

  2. Choose Setups | ClearView | Options | ClearView Options. Confirm that no errors are encountered. For more information, refer to [Setting up ClearView options.
  3. On the System Information tab, confirm the ClearView and Data Service version numbers are as expected.

  4. Click the Save button to exit the screen.
  5. Choose Masterfiles | ClearView | Business Intelligence | Dashboards and follow the steps to set up the Dashboards data. For more information, refer to Initialising the dashboards data.
  6. Once the data initialisation has been completed, confirm that the Data Service Status is Active.

REF: A001522.02    010318  CV441

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