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The Attaché BI ClearView Company Upgrade Utility restructures ClearView data to be compatible with the upgraded version of the Data Service.

You need to run the utility when when installing ClearView for the first time or after upgrading from any ClearView version prior to 4.26 (September 2016).

The ClearView Company Upgrade Utility (PLHDMUpgrade.exe) is included in the installer for ClearView version 4.26 and later. 

Run the Company Upgrade Utility after Installing the Attaché BI ClearView application at the server. If you are Upgrading Attaché BI ClearView, run the utility on all companies that access ClearView. Remember to take a backup before you begin.

To run the ClearVIew Company Upgrade Utility:  

  1. Go to the YearOne\Data Service folder in your Attaché program folder (for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\YearOne\DataServiceBI) and run PLHDMUpgrade.exe.
  2. In the utility, enter the Attaché Program Path.
  3. Enter the SUPERVISOR username and password for Attaché.
  4. Select the Show All Companies check box to view all companies that use ClearView and verify their data path.
  5. For each required company, select the company and then click the Upgrade Data button.
  6. After you have run the utility on all required companies, sign in to each company to confirm that the Data Service Status is Active.

If the Data Service Status is not Active, or if your system reports any Critical Table Errors after running the utility, talk to your Attaché consultant or contact Attaché. 

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