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This section provides information on the most common error messages you may experience during the installation of Attaché BI ClearView. 

"…is not a valid folder"

SetupClearviewBI.exe and SetupCVDataServiceBI.msi must be installed to the same folder as your Attaché BI program. Use the Change button to select a valid folder. 

"Server not found"

The DOMAIN part of the user name is not valid.

Note: This error may occur on machines where the name is longer than 15 characters. Change the machine name and try again. 

"PLHDMSRV failed to start"

The Log On account specified does not have "Log On As A Service" rights. Rights are automatically granted during installation but if this fails you will get the above message. In this case you need to manually grant rights as follows.

  • Do not cancel the installation. While the above message is displayed, run SERVICES.MSC and locate the service PLHDMSRV.
  • Select Log On and re-enter the user name and password making sure the user name does not have spaces and does not have a blank password. The following message is displayed.

  • Press OK and close. Then press Retry to continue the installation.

"Error 1306. Another application has exclusive access to the file…"

This occurs when another user is logged into Attaché ClearView or PowerLink. When logged in, some files are opened on the server and will stop the installation from proceeding. Ensure all users are logged out and press Retry

"Missing registration component" when starting ClearView

This issue occurs when the system cannot read from the registration file. To resolve the issue:

REF: A001522.02    010318  CV441

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