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This installation guide contains step-by-step instructions for installing Attaché Asset Management (formerly Attaché Fixed Assets). If you are not sure about any aspect of the installation process, particularly in a networked environment, please contact your Attaché consultant.

If you are installing this program for the first time, you will need to update your Attaché licence

Before you begin

  • Before installing Attaché Asset Management, the Attaché application and Database Server must be installed. See Installing Attaché
  • Download the latest version of Attaché Asset Management from the Attaché Members website.
  • Log into Attaché and choose Help | About Attaché. Write down location displayed in the Program Folder path, for example C:\apps\Attache.
  • Ensure no one is using Attaché.

Applicable versions

  • Attaché Asset Management version 20
  • Attaché Asset Management version 19
  • Attaché Asset Management version 18
  • Attaché BI Fixed Assets version

See also Current Attaché releases

Installing Attaché Asset Management 

To install Attaché Asset Management:

  1. Go to the folder where the Attaché Asset Management file was downloaded (e.g. C:\Downloads) and right-click on the file to choose Run as Administrator.
  2. If an Open File - Security Warning message is displayed, click Run.
  3. The install wizard preparation will auto run and the Preparing Setup dialog will indicate the progress. Click Next to begin the installation.
  4. On the Choose Destination Location screen, in the Destination Folder specify the location of the Attaché program.
  5. Click Next to install Fixed Assets.
  6. Click the Finish button once installation is complete.

File conversion (upgrading from Attaché Accounts Fixed Assets)

Upgrading from Attaché Accounts Fixed Assets to Attaché Asset Management requires a file conversion. The first time you access Attaché Asset Management after an upgrade, you may be prompted to convert your current Attaché Accounts Fixed Assets data to the new format. The time required to complete the data conversion depends on the size of the Attaché Accounts Fixed Assets database.

Note that it is recommended to take a backup of your existing Attaché Accounts Fixed Assets database before proceeding with the conversion.

Adding data to Attaché Asset Management 

To add data to Attaché Asset Management:

  1. Sign into the Attaché company that will hold the Asset Management data.
  2. Choose Masterfiles | Asset Management | Assets | Maintain.
  3. Select between two setup options:
    • Setup Attaché Asset Management with blank data – Select this option for live and new companies. It allows you to set up and maintain assets. Also select this option if you will be converting or importing data from an existing asset system, or
    • Setup Attaché Asset Management with sample data – Select this option to install the Attaché Asset Management Sample Data.

This step needs to be completed for each company that is set up and used in Attaché.

For more information on getting started in Attaché Asset Management see setting up menu access rights and Asset Management - Initial Setup.

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