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Following the upgrade of Attaché Accounts from a distributed file system (c-tree 4.3) to a client-server database (c-treeACE 11.2) it will be necessary to recreate all Attaché DSNs and to modify any stored ODBC queries to reflect the new data location selected in the changed DSNs.

Also, while the VIEWS available now have been configured to very closely replicate the data structure which was available in the old Attaché ODBC DSN Administrator, it has been necessary to change some field (column) names because their use is restricted in c-treeACE SQL. This includes fields previously labelled Date or Column.

This will mean that you may also need to modify some existing queries to replace the old field name with the new compliant name. For example, the old Date field in the Purchase Order Detail table has been renamed datepaid.

Before creating your new DSNs you will need to identify all currently active DSNs. This will involve making a list of database configuration files from your Attaché program folder (look for files with the extension .db) and then trying to identify the workstations on which they were created so that you can remove them. Don't worry too much if you cannot locate and remove them – just be aware that you may need to recreate them.

Next you will need to create the required DSNs as System DSNs on each workstation at which you intend to use them with ODBC. Be sure to create the DSNs with exactly the same name as the ones you are replacing so that they are available to your application query builders. As you create the new System DSNs you can remove the old User DSNs.

Once you have created the required DSNs you can start to reconfigure your application queries. For Microsoft Excel this requires opening the spread sheet and selecting the option to edit the query in MS Access; it is easier to relink any external tables.

For example, in MS Excel 2010, from the Refresh drop-down on the Design ribbon, select Connection Properties | Definition. You will note that the Connection String has already been modified to cater for the new System DSN. Go to the bottom of the Command Text and replace the FROM string (e.g. FROM "C:\attache\".CUSTOMER_MASTER CUSTOMER MASTER) with FROM admin.table_name table_name (e.g. FROM admin.CUSTOMER_MASTER CUSTOMER_MASTER).

Note – You may also need to select Modify Query where a field used in the query has a different name in the new database.

In MS Access 2010, select ODBC Database from the External Data ribbon to Link to the data source by creating a linked table. Choose the appropriate DSN from the displayed list of Machine DSN and then select the table you wish to link. Delete the linked table you wish to replace and rename your linked table to the name of the table you just deleted.

REF: 271118  ODBC 1042

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