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Attaché Server ODBC is configured to allow read access to all data stored in each company database. It is also configured to allow write access to a very limited number of tables.

As a general rule, only masterfile tables can be updated using ODBC. That is, it is not possible to update transaction or options tables other than via the Attaché user interface. As a further restriction, it is only possible to insert rows (add records) to masterfiles which have not external dependencies such as a foreign key.

So, it is possible to add a new customer to the customer masterfile using ODBC write, but it is not possible to add a new customer delivery address (as the delivery address is linked to the customer by the customer code). However, it is possible to modify (update) the data in the customer delivery once a record has been added through Customer Delivery Address Maintenance.

REF: A001296.00  110518   372  18.1 ODBC1042

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