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Changes coming soon. Get ready now!

The menu you're using is out of date and will soon be retired, plus you're missing out on features not available through this menu. Get in front of the upcoming changes and see what's new. 


You're missing out on new features

Apart from looking better and being easier to use, the new desktop includes some great features you're missing out on:

  • Automated general ledger posting (new in Access Attaché 20)
  • Accounts Dashboard
  • Menus organised by module
  • All related tasks displayed on one screen
  • Quick search to open a task
  • Recently opened tasks and Shortcuts on the desktop
  • Updated workflows and create your own 
  • Choose a colour for each company 
  • Easier way to change company or user
  • Easy access to system information, logged in users, etc. 
  • Link to launch Attaché Online and Cloud Connector
  • Product feedback to tell us what you think
  • Whats new panel 

Coming soon: More new features that won't be available in the old-style menus

Switching is easy

To change menu style, simply:

  1. Choose File | User Preferences.
  2. Under Preferred Menu Style, select Modern style.
  3. Choose Accept (F9) to save and then Close (Esc).
  4. Exit Attaché then log back in for your changes to take effect. 

And you’re done!

Read more about the New Modern menu and desktop

Take a look at what's new and improved in Access Attaché 20

We welcome your feedback and comments on how we can improve the Help Centre.

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