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To allow your employee records to flow through to your Attaché Online organisation, you'll need to enable Attaché Online for each employee. Once enabled, any changes you make to selected fields in your employee masterfiles are updated in your online organisation and vice versa.

To enable Attaché Online:

  1. Choose Payroll | Masterfiles | Employee Details | Maintain to open the employee masterfile.
  2. Select the Online Services tab.
  3. In the Attaché Online Email Address field, enter an email address for the employee. 

    This is the email address that the employee will use to log in to Attaché Online so they can access the employee portal to update their personal details, view the employee directory, etc. We recommend that you enter the employee's work email address. However, if they do not have a work email address then you can use a personal email address.

  4. Ensure the Enable Attaché Online check box is selected.
  5. Select the Details tab and complete the Job Title field. This is displayed in the Attaché Online employee directory.
  6. Choose Accept (F9).

Your employees are now ready to be displayed in the Attaché Online Employee Portal.