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Once you've enabled Attaché Online in your employee masterfiles and set up your organisation chart you'll need to invite your employees to join your organisation. (To invite new employees who have not yet commenced, see Using Employee Onboarding.)

In particular, you will need to invite employees you have set up as Organisation Admin users so they can carry out administrative and Single Touch Payroll tasks (see Creating different types of users in Attaché Online). 

To invite a single employee:

  1. Log in to Attaché Online and select your organisation.

  2. Select Employees from the menu and review the Status and User status of the employee you wish to invite:

    Employees who have not yet joined the organisation have a User status of No user access.
    Employees who have already joined have a User status of Access granted.
    Employees who have been invited, but have not yet accepted, have a User status of Invited.

  3. If the Status of the employee that you wish to invite is Good, click on No user access  and then click Grant user access.  

To invite multiple employees at the same time if you have a large number of employees:

  1. Click Invite multiple employees.
    All employees with the status of No user access status will be displayed.
  2. Click the Select/Deselect all checkbox which is located beside the Employee column heading.
  3. Click Send invitation email.
    Note: You can only select/deselect all employees that are displayed in the current page. If you have a large number of employees to invite, you can display 100 records per page and then repeat the steps for each page.

The employee will receive an email prompting them to create an Attaché Online account and join the organisation. If an employee already has an Attaché Online account (for example, if they use Attaché Online's MyPay to receive their pay advices), they'll be prompted to log in and accept the invitation.

Note: You cannot invite an employee if the Status column indicates that there are Issues to resolve with their dataClick the link to view the issues and once you've updated the employee's details and confirmed that their status is Good, follow the above steps.

See also Creating non-payroll employees in your organisation

REF: HL0010