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After installing Attaché 20, you may wish to migrate some of your Attaché Accounts companies, such as your current companies, to Attaché 18 so you can continue to work in them in the new system. The Attaché Data Migration Utility is designed to help you easily migrate companies to the new system.

Deciding which companies to migrate

Attaché 18 can be run concurrently with Attaché Accounts, however each saves its data in a different database.

You can migrate all companies to the newer Attaché 20 system. Once you have migrated a company to Attaché 20 you should not "go back" and continue to work with it in Attaché Accounts. (However, the original data will remain in Attaché Accounts unless you specifically delete them after migration.)

Alternatively, you may want to migrate only your current companies in to Attaché 20, while leaving legacy companies in the Attaché Accounts system where they will be available for reference.

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