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Before you begin

  • This checklist assumes you have an Attaché Online organisation and have received your "join organisation" email.  If you do not have an organisation, talk to your Attaché consultant or contact Attaché.

The Employee Portal provides the Employee Directory and Org Chart, onboarding new employees, and "self service" access for employees to manage their own details. For Australian payroll, the portal also includes Single Touch Payroll.

Log into Attaché Online

  • Attaché will send you an email inviting you to join your organisation. Click the Join organisation link in the email to launch Attaché Online. 
    You can log in using your Attaché Online MyPay account (if you have one) or create a new password. 

Connect your payroll company

  • Now that you have your organisation, you need to connect your payroll company (dataset) so that data flows between the two. Attaché Cloud Connector provides this link. You run Cloud Connector from the desktop using your Supervisor credentials to ensure you have permission to connect the data. See Setting up and connecting to your online organisation (Cloud Connector)

Check that your payroll data is available in your online organisation

With your payroll data now flowing through to your online organisation, you should be able to create your organisation chart and employee directory, set up your organisation for Single Touch Payroll, invite employees to join your organisation, and use employee onboarding. 

  • Check that your employee details are now displaying in your online organisation. 
    On the Settings menu, select Employees and check the employee records. If you don't see your employees or some are missing, you need to select Enable Attaché Online and enter a valid Attaché Online Email Address in the employee masterfile. See Updating your employee masterfiles to enable Attaché Online.
  • Check that you have a default superannuation fund for employee onboarding (Australia). 
    On the Settings menu, select Super Fund and choose your default super fund from the list. If there are no funds displayed, go to Superannuation Funds Maintenance (Setups | Payroll | Superannuation Funds | Maintain) and ensure you've completed the required fields for your preferred default fund, including the website address. See Setting a default superannuation fund for Employee Onboarding.

Connect your organisation to the ATO (Australia)

You need to let the ATO know that you will be lodging your STP payroll information via Attaché. You do this via Attaché Online. For detailed instructions see Setting up Standard Business Reporting.

  • Nominate Attaché Software as your hosted SBR software service provider.
  • Add your ABN in Attaché Online. 

Customise your organisation and set up your Organisational Chart 

The Employee Portal in Attaché Online provides Employee Onboarding, the Employee Directory and Organisational Chart plus "self service" access for employees to manage their personal details. For Australian payroll, the portal also includes Single Touch Payroll.

  • (As required) Use Employee Onboarding to collect a new employee's tax, super fund (Australia), KiwiSaver (New Zealand) and bank information. See Onboarding a new employee.