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Attaché 18.1 released May 2018

Attaché 18.2 released June 2018

Attaché 18.3 released October 2018 

Look and feel

New-look login and company selection screens

Attaché 18.1 includes new Login (formerly Sign On) and Company Selection screens that introduce the new Attaché look and feel and provide faster access to your required company.


New-look desktop for the Modern menu

Attaché 18.1 includes a new-look desktop that provides quick access to tasks via the Recent Activity and the Shortcuts panels. Your login, VIP and software version are also prominently displayed as well as links to the Attaché Help Centre. To display the new desktop, you must be using the new Modern menu.

See New Modern menu and desktop in Attaché 18.1

New modern menu style

A new menu style has been introduced in Attaché 18.1. The Modern menu groups Attaché tasks by module (such as Customers, Suppliers, Payroll, etc) and includes the workflows available on the previous desktop.

See New Modern menu and desktop in Attaché 18.1

Ability to choose the navigation bar colour for a company

When using the Modern menu style introduced in Attaché 18.1, supervisors can choose a colour for the navigation bar so users can easily identify the company they are working in. As well as on the navigation bar in the main menu, the colour is also displayed in Bank Reconciliation and Asset Management.

See New Modern menu and desktop in Attaché 18.1

Accounts features

Enhancement to Transactions by Account report

The Transactions by Account report (Reports | General Ledger | Transactions | Transactions by Account) has been enhanced in Attaché 18.3 to show the opening balance, closing balance and running total for the selected periods, for one or more accounts. Previously, this report only showed the net movement of the values.

Improvements to ageing and aged trial balance reports for Customers and Suppliers

In Attaché 18.1, the Report Layout option has been removed from the report parameters in the Customer and Supplier Ageing Reports and Aged Trial Balance Reports as separate summary and detailed reports are now available. Although both display the same layout and column headings, the summary versions show totals per customer or supplier while the detailed versions include transaction data. The summary reports run much faster and should be used unless the additional detail is required.

Enhancements to Invoice Reminders

Invoice Reminders, first introduced in Attaché BI version 3.4 (May 2016), has been enhanced in Attaché 18.1 to allow you to use a customer’s statement document delivery address for sending the reminders. Previously you could only send invoice reminders to the customer's delivery address for invoices.

Updated Customers workflow

In Attaché 18.1, the Customer Order/Invoicing workflow in the new Modern menu has been updated to include a link to the Create Customer Invoice task.

Automatic allocation of landed costs

The landed cost is the total cost of a product including the purchase price and any additional on costs associated with purchasing the product, such as freight charges, quarantine fees, customs duties, insurance costs and so forth. Previously in Attaché, calculating and allocating the additional on costs for each product line of a document to give the total landed cost was manual and time consuming. In Attaché 18.1, you can enter the total additional on costs associated with a supplier transaction in the document header of a supplier goods received note or invoice and automatically apply that cost across all product lines, based on the calculation method specified in Product Options. Replacing manual with automated processes saves time, reduces errors and allows you to report landed costs more accurately, which means you can make more informed decisions about selling prices and expected profit margins.

See Automated landed cost accounting

Ability to import customer orders into a supplier purchase order

Supplier Purchase Order Entry has been enhanced in Attaché 18.1 to allow you to Import (F11) details from customer orders, including product, service, comment and sundry lines. This facilitates the practice of “drop shipping” whereby products are sent directly from a supplier to a customer. This feature can also be used to import multiple orders from the same customer into one purchase order to combine shipping costs.

Performance improvements on Customer, Supplier and Product End of Periods

In some circumstances, Customer, Supplier and Product End of periods in Attaché BI were taking a long time to complete. This has been resolved in Attaché 18.1 and the end of periods now process much faster than in previous versions.

Update to Supplier Taxable Payments Annual Report

In Attaché 18.2, the Supplier Taxable Payments Annual Report has been updated to the latest specifications (version 2.0.0) as required by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). In addition, in Supplier Maintenance, you can record whether you have received a copy of the ATO's Statement by a Supplier form from a supplier who has not provided you with their ABN. You can also display the supplier's email address in the report, if you have entered it in the supplier masterfile.

See How to use the Supplier Taxable Payments Report (tutorial)

Payroll features

Ability to attach bank accounts to deductions

In Attaché 18.1, in Employee Other Account Maintenance, you can link a bank account to a deduction by choosing B = Bank in the Account Type field. When you create a bank file, the payment for the deduction is added and the general ledger postings are updated automatically. Previously, to process a deduction you needed to manually transfer the funds to the bank.

Enhancement to Use Employee Other Accounts check box in Deduction Maintenance

In Attaché 18.1, in Standard Pays, Time Sheets and Adjustment Pays, the Employee Account Code field will now only be displayed on deduction lines if the Use Employee Other Accounts check box has been selected in Deduction Maintenance. This enhancement prevents deductions from being incorrectly linked to an Employee Super/Other Account. Previously, Employee Account Code was always available on deduction lines. 

Australian 2018/19 tax scales

The 2018/19 tax scales for Australia (released in June 2018) are included in Attaché 18.3. For more information about these tax scales please visit the Australian Tax Scales 2018/19 page in the Attaché Help Centre. To import the tax scales to your payroll company see Importing Tax Scales in the Help Centre. 

Setting up itemised allowances for Single Touch Payroll reporting (Australia)

In Attaché 18.1, in Allowance Maintenance you can now set up allowance types to reflect the classifications required by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting.

See Setting up itemised allowances for Single Touch Payroll

Updated payroll workflow (Australia)

For Australian companies, the Payroll workflow in the new Modern menu has been updated in Attaché 18.1 to launch Attaché Online for access to Single Touch Payroll.

Changes to Attaché Payroll for Payday Filing

Attaché 18.3 includes all the required changes to facilitate the Payday Filing functions which will be introduced in future releases of Attaché Online. The changes include a new Payday Filing menu option and, for the Modern menu only, an update to the Payroll – Process Pays workflow.

Tax scales (New Zealand)

The latest New Zealand tax scales (released in April) are included in Attaché 18.1.

New sample company (New Zealand)

Attaché 18.1 includes a new sample data company for New Zealand: [NZ PAYROLL SETUPS]. When you create a new payroll company, simply copy the sample company's setups for standard allowances, income types, deductions and more. This saves you time and ensures a high level of compliance with New Zealand legislation.

NASFund report (Papua New Guinea)

In Attaché 18.1, the NASFund Report (Reports | Payroll | PNG Reports | NASFund Report) for Papua New Guinea replaces the previous report and has been updated to comply with changes to the NASFund Contributions Schedule which took effect from 1 July 2017. (This version was released separately via the Attaché Members website in February 2018.)

Tax scales (Samoa)

The latest tax scales for Samoa (released via the Attaché Members website in January 2018) are included in Attaché 18.1. 

Attaché Payroll compliance update for Fiji

In Attaché 18.2, the FNPF field in Employee Maintenance (Masterfiles | Payroll | Employee Details | Maintain) for Fiji has been updated to allow 11 characters. The change has been made to comply with Fiji legislative requirements and impacts various reports including the Fiji EMS File and PAYE summary reporting. Previously, this field allowed for 9 characters.

System-wide features

Create custom workflows

In Attaché 18.3, the Modern menu introduced in Attaché 18.1 (May 2018) now allows you to create custom workflows so you can easily access frequently used tasks and processes. Workflows can be created per user, per company. Supervisors can also copy custom workflows from one user to another, subject to the usual menu access rights.

See Create custom workflows

Open task screens via Search

In Attaché 18.3, the Modern menu style introduced in Attaché 18.1 (May 2018) now gives you faster access to your task screens via a new Search feature(Attaché 18.3)

See Open task screens via Search

Updates to view models for Report Designer

In Attaché 18.1, further enhancements have been made to General Ledger transaction, Product, Purchase Order and Supplier view models so that more fields are now available in Report Designer. View models for Fixed Assets (now called Asset Management) have been added to allow reporting on new fields.

Form and Screen Designer

New fields in Attaché Form and Screen Designer

In Attaché 18.1, new fields are available in Attaché Forms Designer and Attaché Screen Designer. For Customers, the new fields are Customer Email Address and all the fields on the Custom Fields tab in the masterfile. Similarly, for Suppliers the new fields are Supplier Email Address and all the fields on the Custom Fields tab in the masterfile. For Payroll, the new fields that can be added to an employee pay advice are the Document Delivery Email Address and the Attaché Online Email Address on the Online Services tab in the masterfile.

Attaché Asset Management

Attaché Fixed Assets renamed "Asset Management"

In recent Attaché releases, Fixed Assets has been enhanced to include functionality to help you fully manage your assets. To better reflect the improved product, Fixed Assets has been renamed Asset Management. The name change, which came into effect with Asset Management version 18.1, is throughout the software, including menus, installation screens, reports and Help topics.

New fields in Asset Management

In Asset Management 18.1 (formerly Fixed Assets), new fields have been added to assist you to better track and manage your assets. As a result, some of the existing fields have been rearranged so they are grouped in a more logical way. View models have been added to Report Designer to allow reporting on the new fields.

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