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This page lists new and improved features as well as resolved issues in online deployments in 2021.

For the latest releases see Attaché Release Log.

See also Attaché Release Log 2020Attaché Release Log 2019 and Attaché Release Log 2018 for previous deployments as well as Latest releases for information about desktop releases.

Express Leave 2021-12-03

Defect Resolved

  • (FD-3348) Express Leave: Leave Request Entry Leave is different to the Leave Calendar for Approver

Express Leave 2021-11-12

Defect Resolved

  • (FD-3337) Express Leave: Check Pay Period report lists all cost centres on the report even if no time or leave entry is entered against it

Express Leave 2021-11-02

Customer Notification 

Express Leave now includes a bell notification which will allow The Access Group to communicate directly with users of Express Leave. This will facilitate The Access Group to communicate changes in Express Leave and any other relevant information about the product.  

Express Leave 2021-10-07

Defect Resolved

  • (FD-3325) The Create User New button in Express Leave is greyed out

Express Leave 2021-09-02

Security Enhancements 

  • (MELWND-208) Make Express Leave admin login error message generic
  • (MELWND-209) Remove sensitive information from Express Leave userinfo API endpoint
  • (MELWND-210) Remove sensitive information from Express Leave admininfo API endpoint

Attaché Online 2021-08-27

Defect Resolved 

  • (FD-3289) Employee Full Name field on Employee Masterfile not matching name fields

Cloud Connector 2021-08-27 

Access Workspace Connection  

  • Allows for a company that has been connected to Access Workspace to establish a new connection to Attaché Online.  

Express Leave 2021-08-23

Defect Resolved 

  • (FD-3300) Remove Part Public Holiday SA, QLD, and NT

AOI Integration 2021-08-12

Defect Resolved 

  • (FD-3288) AOI Refresh not working.

Express Leave 2021-07-21

Defects Resolved 

  • (FD-3160) Attachments not attaching to Express Leave leave requests
  • (FD-3179) Validation from Previous New Employee Enter continues when editing existing employee
  • (FD-3217) Express Leave - Time Tracking report does not display the hours worked when printed

Express Leave 2021-07-12

Defects Resolved 

  • (FD-3234) Missing Victorian Public Holiday in Express Leave Boxing Day Tuesday 28 December 2021

Attaché Payroll/PeopleHR Integration 2021-07-09

Defect Resolved

  • FD-3214 Resolved issue where employee full name would be replaced with surname when name was updated in PeopleHR

Pay Day Filing 2 2021-03-10

New Feature 

  • (PDF2-136) PDF Front End (the app)
  • (PDF2-135) PDF2 Services (Payroll)
  • (PDF2-132)

Express Leave 2021-03-09

Performance Improvements 

  • (AEL-94) Improve performance for My Timesheet.
  • (AEL-95) Improve performance for Timesheet pending Approval.
  • (AEL-96) Improve performance for Approval History.
  • (AEL-97) Improve performance for Edit Timesheet.
  • (AEL-99) Improve performance for Restore Leave.
  • (AEL-100) Improve performance for Check Pay/Process Pay.

Attaché Online 2021-01-19

Defects Resolved

  • FD-2997 On-boarding details cannot be submitted if containing invalid character
  • FD-3083 When onboarding record is in a "Duplicate employee code" state, the "Resend to your Attaché Software" button does not function
  • FD-3084 Employee On-Boarding "Employee Super Search" isn't available 
  • FD-2921 ESS grey screen when opened in Internet Explorer

Access Attaché Auto GL Posting 2021-01-14

Defects Resolved 

  • (FR-799/FD-3032) Resolved an issue with Auto GL Posting where all general ledger transactions would be held in Transaction Pending after one transaction was correctly held, e.g., because the period was locked for that transaction.

Access Attaché Bank Reconciliation 2021-01-12

Defects Resolved 

  • (FD-3110) Resolved an issue in Bank Reconciliation for Access Attaché 19.x users where the unreconciled general ledger transactions did not display.

Express Leave 2021-01-11

Defects Resolved 

  • (FD-3071) Express Leave - Error: Gateway Time Out when accessing Approval History page
  • (FD-2995) When requesting leave the calendar for date selection is cut off on some resolutions 
  • (FD-3055) Express Leave - Last Pay Cycle Date Returns user to Login
  • (FD-3066) Express Leave - When Approving Timesheet taking 9-10 seconds to complete the task
  • (FD-2453) Express Leave: multi click Submit button on timesheet will create multi timesheet records
  • (FD-2934) Not able to edit and extend date of an existing leave request 
  • (FD-3099) An approved Timesheet still allow to edit and submit
  • (FD-3100) Timesheet edit/review change entered time. 
  • (FD-3101) Express Leave: Cancelling Leave in Check Payroll screen doesn't refresh the status

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