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Attaché Cloud Connector provides the connection between your Attaché desktop companies (datasets) and your Attaché Online organisations so that data flows between the them.   

If you are using Attaché 19 (or later): 

You run Cloud Connector from the desktop menu:

  1. In the desktop, log in to your Attaché company using you Supervisor credentials. 
  2. Using the Modern menu, choose Online Services | Attaché Online | Cloud Connector
  3. Follow the steps in the Cloud Connector wizard. When asked to log in to Attaché Online, enter the same credentials you used in to log in when establishing your online organisation. 

Read detailed instructions or click Help in the wizard for more information.

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If you are using Attaché 18.3: 

You run Cloud Connector from the shortcut on your computer desktop. You’ll need access to your Attaché Database Server to complete this task.

  1. In Attaché Online, from the Settings menu, open Company Connections. Copy, download or email the Organisation Key
  2. On the computer where Attaché Database Server is installed, launch Attaché Cloud Connector. Log in, select the appropriate company (dataset) and then enter the Organisation Key and click Connect.
  3. Once connected, return to Company Connections (step 1 above) and check that the desktop company is listed.

Read detailed instructions

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