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In this section, your Attaché Online organisation will be created. You’ll log in to Attaché Online to get your Organisation Key and use it to connect your desktop company (dataset) to your online organisation via Attaché Cloud Connector.

Request an organisation

You may have received an email from your Attaché consultant or Attaché Sales/Support that includes a link to “request an Attaché Online organisation”. If not, you can complete the Attaché Online Organisation Request on the Attaché Software website.

For security purposes, Attaché will ensure your credentials are correct before issuing your organisation. This may take up to three business days.

When processed, you will receive a confirmation email as well as an email inviting you to join your new organisation (see Log in to Attaché Online below).

Complete the Attaché Online organisation request

Log in to Attaché Online

After processing your Attaché Online organisation request (which may take up to three business days), Attaché will send you an email inviting you to join your new online organisation.

Note: For security purposes, the Join organisation link in the email will expire after 48 hours. If your link expires, contact your Attaché consultant to have a new email sent.

Attaché will send you an email inviting you to join your new organisation

To log into your organisation:

  1. Click the Join organisation link in the email to launch Attaché Online in your browser.
  2. Log in:

    If you have an existing Attaché Online MyPay account for this email address, you can log in using that password or you can set up a new account and password.

    If you don’t already have an account, enter a password to create an account.

  3. The My Dashboard screen in your new Attaché Online organisation is displayed.

If you don’t see the dashboard, click the apps menu in the top-left corner and select your organisation to display the dashboard.

The apps menu (top-left corner)

From the apps menu, select your organisation to display the dashboard

At this stage your online organisation does not contain any payroll data. Next, you will connect your desktop company (dataset) to your organisation so that data flows between the two.

Connecting your desktop company to your online organisation

Attaché Cloud Connector provides the connection between your Attaché desktop companies (datasets) and your Attaché Online organisations. This allows data to flow between the two when using online functions such as Employee Self Service, Single Touch Payroll and Payday Filing.

This information applies to Attaché Cloud Connector version 2 used with Attaché 18. If you are using Attaché 19 (or later), see Setting up and connecting to your online organisation.

You run Cloud Connector from the server (or computer) where Attaché Database Server is installed, using the SUPERVISOR password for your Attaché system to ensure you have permission to connect the dataset.

Before you begin

  • Ensure you have full local administrator rights to the server where Attaché Database Server is installed. Attaché Cloud Connector is located on this server.
  • Check your version of Cloud Connector. See Checking your version of Attaché Cloud Connector.
  • Ensure you have the SUPERVISOR password for Attaché.

If you don’t know the SUPERVISOR password, you will need to contact your Attaché consultant or the Attaché Support for a password reset. For security purposes, resetting the SUPERVISOR password requires confirmation of your authority to do so.

Obtain your Organisation Key

Note down the Organisation Key for your organisation:

  1. Log in to Attaché Online and, if necessary, select your organisation from the apps menu in the top-left corner.
  2. On the Settings menu, select Company Connections
  3. Copy the Organisation Key. If you prefer, you can download the key as a .txt file or email it to yourself. 

You use the Organisation Key to connect your desktop company to your online organisation via Cloud Connector

Enter your Organisation Key in Cloud Connector

To connect a desktop company (dataset) to an Attaché Online organisation:

  1. At the computer where Attaché Database Server is installed, go to \\AttacheServer\Attache Cloud Connector and double-click AttCloudConnector.exe to launch Cloud Connector.
  2. To log in, enter your SUPERVISOR password.

    Log in to Cloud Connector using the SUPERVISOR password

  3. Select the Attaché company that you wish to connect and click Connect.

    Note: the name displayed is the Database Name for each of your companies, as displayed in Setup and Delete Companies. If you are not sure which company to connect to, sign on to the required desktop company and choose File | Set Up and Delete Companies. Check the Database Name for the company.

  4. Enter the Organisation Key and click Connect.

    Connect your desktop company (dataset) to your Attaché Online organisation

  5. Review the pairing of the company and organisation name and then click Confirm.

    The Status Connecting will be displayed. After a moment the status will change to Connected.

  6. If you wish to connect another company (dataset) to this organisation, repeat steps 3 – 5 for each additional company.

Note: each organisation has a unique Organisation Key. If you have more than one organisation, ensure you enter the correct key (from the Company Connections screen in Attaché Online). 

Checking your organisation connection

Having completed the organisation connection, it is important that you check you have connected the correct company (dataset) and that your payroll data is now flowing through to your online organisation.

To check your organisation connection:

  1. Log in to Attaché Online and select the organisation.
  2. On the Settings menu, click Company Connections and check that the correct company (dataset) is listed.

    After connecting via Cloud Connector, your desktop company connection is listed in Company Connections.

  3. Click Employees on the menu.
  4. Check that your employees are displayed. The employees should be those for whom you selected Enable Attaché Online in the employee masterfile in Updating employee masterfiles for STP and Employee Portal.

After connecting your company to your online organisation, employee masterfile details are now displayed

If the employees are not displayed, you may have connected the wrong company in Cloud Connector. If so, return to Cloud Connector and disconnect the company. Then select the correct company and connect it.

If you are sure you have connected the correct company and that Enable Attaché Online is selected in the masterfile for at least some employees, but the employees are not displaying in the online organisation, contact your Attaché consultant or Attaché Support for advice.


With your desktop company (dataset) now connected to your Attaché Online organisation, you’re ready to carry out the STP and Employee Portal setup tasks.

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