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The Attaché ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) software lets you use third-party programs to access your Attaché data files. For example, if you have Microsoft Excel you can use Excel's charting facilities to create graphs from your Attaché data, or if you have Crystal Reports you can design your own reports.

Third-party programs you can use with Attaché ODBC include:

  • Microsoft Office programs, such as Excel and Word
  • Crystal Reports
  • any other program that accepts ODBC data

Tip: Be sure to update to the latest version of Attaché ODBC each time you upgrade Attaché.

Attaché ODBC gives read-only access to your transaction data as well as write access to masterfiles in specific cases. If you wish to use third-party programs to modify your Attaché data files, use Keystroke File Import (KFI). For more information see Attaché Keystroke File Import (KFI)

To find out more about Attaché ODBC, talk to your consultant. 

REF: A000797.02

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