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The Attaché Data Interchange (ADI) lets you import customer and supplier transactions and export customer transactions so that you can trade electronically.

Importing customer and supplier transactions

When you import transactions, you use both Attaché Data Interchange and Keystroke File Import (KFI). KFI reads transactions from a file and enters them into the current customer or supplier transaction screen.

You can use ADI to import customer transaction including quotations, orders, invoices, credit adjustment notes, standing orders, kits, pro formas, and preferred products. Supplier transactions available for import through ADI include requisitions, purchase orders, goods received, invoices, goods returned and credit adjustment notes.

Exporting customer transactions

With ADI you can export customer transactions including invoices, delivery dockets and credit adjustment notes. Your Attaché system marks each exported transaction and creates a report that lists the transactions you export.

For more information about Attaché Data Interchange, contact Attaché Software or talk to your Attaché consultant.

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