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Welcome to the Attaché Help Centre. Here you will find information to help you use your Attaché system to set up, manage and process accounts.

If you are an Attaché user, you can also find software upgrades and additional resources at the Access Customer Success Portal.  Find our more about the portal.

Please take a few moments to learn how to get the most from this site, so you can quickly find the answers you need and take full advantage of the features provided.

Exporting to PDF

You can export a single topic, or multiple topics, to PDF. When exporting multiple topics, you can also choose to include a table of contents and a cover page.

To export a single topic:

  1. From the ellipsis menu (...) at the top right-hand side of the screen choose Attaché Book Style  and then choose Attaché single-topic PDF from the list of export options.
  2. Select the Start Export button.
  3. The export begins (this process may take a minute or two to complete).
  4.  When finished you will be prompted to either open or save the file.

To export multiple topics:

Follow the same steps as above, choosing the required export option at step 1 (e.g. Attaché book-style PDF, Attaché multi-topic PDF).

Exporting to Word

  • For information on how to export a page to Word please see Export single pages to Word or PDF in the Confluence Documentation on the Atlassian website.
  • Please note that permission to export multiple pages or the entire space is not currently available in the wiki.

Using search

  • To read about how to use the search feature please see Search in the Confluence documentation on the Atlassian website.

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