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The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requires businesses in certain industries to report annually on the total payments they make to contractors for services. The details to be reported to the ATO are the name, address and ABN of the supplier, together with the gross amount you paid to them for the financial year (including any GST). This information must be reported to the ATO on the Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) by 28 August each year. 

The Taxable Payments Report task screen lets you create the TPAR. 

See How to use the Supplier Taxable Payments Report (tutorial) for detailed instructions. 

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Producing reports

How to use the Supplier Taxable Payments Report (tutorial)

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Applicable versions

TPAR  do you need to report?

If you are in one of the following industries, refer to the TPAR area of the ATO website to see if you are required to report:

Building and construction services
Cleaning services
Courier services
Road freight services
Information technology (IT) services
Security, investigation or surveillance services

You can also find videos, fact sheets and webinar recordings on the ATO website to assist you with preparing and lodging your TPAR.