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Below you'll find answers to the most common questions asked about Express Leave by employees. For more detailed instruction on how to set up and use Attaché Express Leave, please visit Express Leave for Attaché Payroll.

Which browsers and devices can I use with Attaché Express Leave?

You can use a PC or Mac running any of the following browsers:

  • Safari 6 (or later)
  • Firefox 33 (or later)
  • Chrome 35 (or later)
  • Internet Explorer 9 (or later)

You can also use the default browser on the following mobile devices to apply for and approve leave:

  • iPhone, iPad or iPad mini running iOS 7 (or later)
  • Devices running Android 4.4 (or later)

Note that administrative functions, such as setting up a new employee, are not available on mobile devices.

How do I register my company to use Attaché Express Leave? 

To use Express Leave, talk to your Attaché consultant or Attaché Software.

How do employees register to use Attaché Express Leave? 

Your employer will send you a Welcome email containing a link to launch Express Leave and create your password. The Applying for Leave  (PDF) fact sheet describes how to register and use Express Leave to apply for leave.

What if I did not receive the Welcome email? 

First, check the junk folder of your email account. If you cannot locate the Welcome email, on the Express Leave login screen select Forgot your Password? and enter your email address (as used by your payroll manager).

If I have employees in Attaché Payroll with leave balances entered in both hours and days, is there anything I need to do before syncing the information to Express Leave?

No, you do not need to do anything. The Attaché data Integration (API) will handle this automatically.

I have set up API integration in Express Leave, but when I sync data for the first time it says that 0 employees were synced. How do I fix this?

  1. Check that all the employees that need to sync to Express Leave have an email address entered in the Attaché Online Email Address field on the Online Services tab in the employee masterfile.  Also ensure the Enable Attaché Online check box is ticked.

  2. Check the API Key in Company Details to make sure you've entered the correct key and make sure you have not entered any spaces before or after the key characters. If you're still having problems, re-read the instructions in Connecting Express Leave and Timesheets to your Attaché Online organisation to ensure you've followed the steps correctly and copied the correct key from your Attaché Online organisation.

How do I access Attaché Express Leave? 

You can launch Express Leave from the link in any Express Leave email. If you don't have an email handy, go to Attaché Online and choose Launch App on the Attaché Express Leave panel.

I am getting an error message when I log in to Express Leave: login failed due to incorrect email / password. However, I have logged in using that email address/password previously.

Try resetting your password. To do this, click the Forgot your password? link at the bottom of the login screen and enter your email address. You'll then receive an email with instructions for resetting your password. If you do not receive the email, check the junk mail folder of your email account. If you still can't find the email, you may be attempting to log in using an incorrect email address. In this case, ask your payroll officer to verify your email address in Attaché Payroll.

Note: For payroll officers, to check the employee's email address in Attaché Payroll, choose Payroll | Masterfiles | Employee Details | Maintain. Select the required employee and on the Online Services tab, check the email address listed in the Attaché Online Email Address field.

How do I apply for leave?  

Choose Request Leave from the Express Leave menu, complete the form and select Submit. You can attach a file (such as a medical certificate) or type in a comment. You will be advised by email that your request has been approved (or rejected).

The Applying for Leave (PDF) fact sheet also describes how to use Express Leave to apply for leave.

Can I request part of a working day as leave, for example a half day?  

In Express Leave you can apply for leave in half or full days. When applying for leave that includes a combination of half days and full days, you need to submit two separate requests. Enter one leave request for the number of full days and on for each half day. If you require to enter leave for anything other than half or full days, talk to your payroll manager.

Can I request more leave than I currently have available?

Yes. Attaché Express Leave does not take into consideration your current leave balance or whether leave will accrue by the requested leave date. It is up to your Approver, typically your manager, to review all requests and approve or reject them based on your company's leave policy, business needs, etc.


  • It is not possible to block an employee leave request for more than their current leave balance.
  • Attaché Express Leave allows for Policy Notes to be set up by an Express Leave administrator to notify an employee of the company's policy when applying for leave, based on leave type.
  • All leave requests are sent to the Approver for review. This notification cannot be stopped, even if the leave request is for more than the employee's current leave balance. The decision as to whether the leave should be approved rests with the Approver who has the responsibility to apply the company's leave policy and take into consideration business needs, etc.

What happens about weekends and public holidays?

For typical Monday to Friday employees, Express Leave factors in public holidays ( national and regional for Australia and New Zealand) and weekends so you don't need to worry about them in your leave requests. For example, if you want to apply for leave on a Friday and Monday, simply complete a single leave request as usual; Saturday and Sunday won't be counted as leave days.

If you work weekends and public holidays, talk to your payroll manager before you submit your leave request. Your payroll manager can tailor Express Leave to suit each employee’s work patterns.

Note:  The partial Public Holiday’s for Christmas Eve (QLD – 6 pm to Midnight, SA and NT 7 pm to Midnight) and New Year’s Eve (SA and NT 7 pm to Midnight) have been removed from Express Leave.  Leave requests submitted on these days will deduct from the full required hours from the employees leave balance.  Leave requests impacted by the partial Public Holiday will need to be checked to ensure they meet Fair Work requirements

Can someone else request leave on my behalf?

If you can't create a leave request, your manager or payroll manager (and possibly other users nominated by your payroll manager) can create a leave request on your behalf. This may be required when an employee is on personal / carer's (sick) leave or if leave is taken is for less than a half-day.

Who approves my leave?

When you are set up in Express Leave, your payroll manager assigns a default approver, typically your manager. You can select a different approver when completing a leave request if required, for example, if your manager is on leave. If you require a permanent change to your default approver, talk to your payroll manager.

Who can see my leave requests?

You, your approver and your payroll manager can see your leave requests. In addition, when you submit a leave request for approval, that leave is displayed on the Leave Calendar. If your leave request is rejected, it is removed for the calendar.

Approvers can also see the leave requests that they have approved or rejected and your payroll manager (HR Manager and Administrator in Express Leave) can view all leave approved, requested and rejected.

How do I know if my leave is approved?

You will receive an email indicating the status of your leave request (approved or rejected). You can also view the status of your leave requests by choosing My Leave from the Express Leave menu.

How do I know how much leave I have available?

Choose My Leave from the Express Leave menu. The leave balances displayed are typically up to and including the last pay period but do not include leave taken or accrued since then. If you feel this is incorrect, talk with your payroll manager.

I can't see my leave balances or some are missing or incorrect. What should I do?

Please contact your payroll manager. Your payroll manager has decided which leave balances you can see. For example, personal carer's (sick) leave may be hidden.

The leave balance on my pay advice is not the same as the balance displayed in Express Leave?

The leave balance displayed in Express Leave is usually what is accrued up to and including the last pay period. If you feel this is incorrect, talk to your payroll manager.

What does Launch MyPay on the menu mean?

Attaché MyPay is a secure online inbox for employees who receive Attaché Payroll pay advices and other documents. If you would like to check your pay advice while using Express Leave, choose Launch MyPay to open it in a new tab. 

Find out more about Attaché MyPay.

What is the Leave Calendar?

The Leave Calendar is visible to all Express Leave users in your organisation and displays employee leave requests and public holidays. If you are a HR Manager or Administrator, the Leave Type for each request is also displayed. Note that the colours are assigned automatically by Express Leave.

Why are employees not showing up in Express Leave drop-down selections such as the Approver field in the Approve on Behalf area or Approver field in Manage Users?

The employee has not been sent the Welcome email inviting them to join the Express Leave company. To send the Welcome email, go to Manage Users, search for the employee and click the green Welcome email button. This will send an invitation email containing a link that allows the employee to create a password and log in. The employee will then be available in drop-down selections.

If an employee has applied for two weeks leave, but the end of the pay period is at the end of the first week of leave, how do I process this through Express Leave?

Attaché handles the split of the leave automatically. That is, the procedure is no different to normal. Simply enter the Last Day of Pay Cycle date and only the first week of leave will be processed. The remainder of the leave will be processed the next time leave entries are checked and processed in Express Leave.

How do I recreate a previously deleted employee in Attaché Express Leave?

If you have deleted an employee in Express Leave and want to re-instate them, call Attaché Support for assistance.

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