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This topic explains how to complete and submit an online timesheet, including instructions for how to enter a leave request via a timesheet. Generally, if you need to apply for leave, you should do so by submitting a leave request.

When entering a timesheet, you can choose to save your timesheet as a draft so you can continue to update it through the week, or you can complete the timesheet in one go and submit it for approval.

Entering a timesheet

To enter a timesheet:

  1. Log in to Express Leave (

  2. Select My Timesheets.

  3. Choose the timesheet period you require and click Create New Timesheet.

  4. From Time Type, select from the list of available options (for example: Annual Leave, Normal Hours, Overtime, RDO).

  5. Enter the number of hours you wish to allocate to this time type.

  6. To add additional time types, select Add Row.
  7. When you've finished entering your timesheet details you can either choose Save As Draft (if you wish to update the timesheet at the end of each day), or you can submit it immediately for approval.

Resume editing a draft timesheet

To continue editing a draft timesheet:

  1. Select My Timesheets.
  2. In My TimeSheet History, locate the timesheet you wish to update and click Edit.
  3. You can then resume timesheet editing, as described in the previous steps.

Submitting a timesheet

To submit a completed timesheet for approval:

  1. Open the timesheet (or skip this step if it is already open): Select My Timesheets and in My Timesheet History, locate the timesheet you wish to submit.
  2. In the Approver field, accept the default approver (usually this is your manager) or select another option from the list. 
    Note: If your employer uses Express Leave then the same person who is authorised to approve your leave requests will, by default, approve your timesheet requests.

  3. (Optional) In the Comments field, type additional information if you wish.

  4. (Optional) Click Choose File to upload an attachment, such as a medical certificate. Note that you can only attach one file to a timesheet.
  5. Click Submit.
    Your manager will receive an email notification that you have submitted your timesheet for approval.
  6. When your manager approves your timesheet, you'll receive an email notification showing a daily breakdown of the approved hours. Ensure that you review the details, as the approved hours may differ from the timesheet details that you originally submitted.

Checking the status of a timesheet

Timesheets can have a status of Saved (Not submitted), Pending Approval and Approved.

To view the timesheet status, choose My Timesheets, then choose Timesheet Calendar. The timesheet status is indicated by its colour:

  • Blue — the timesheet has been saved as a draft and the status is Saved (Not Submitted) 
  • Yellow/Orange — the timesheet has been submitted and is Pending Approval
  • Green — the timesheet has been Approved.

Editing a rejected timesheet

If a leave request is generated by a timesheet and it is rejected, you can edit the rejected timesheet and submit it again.

To edit a timesheet:

  1. Select My Timesheets.

  2. In My TimeSheet History, locate the timesheet you wish to update and click View.
  3. Edit the timesheet.
  4. Click Submit.

Entering a leave request via a timesheet

If you need to apply for leave, you should do so by submitting a leave request. You can, however, enter leave requests via a timesheet. To do so, select the required leave type from the Time Type drop-down list in the timesheet. This should only be used when a leave request falls within the timesheet period in which you are working, and where that time period has not yet been processed.

Note: If a leave request has been entered via Leave Requests and a timesheet is created that encompasses the leave request dates, the leave will automatically populate in the timesheet. 

Trouble using Express Leave and Timesheets? Visit the FAQs page for answers.