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Attaché Express Leave and Timesheets is an online application that provides an easy way for employees to submit leave requests and timesheets and for employers to manage them.  

  • Access anywhere, anytime on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Reliable – no more paper documentation that can be forgotten or misplaced
  • Efficient – requests and timesheets are approved and sent to Attaché payroll
  • Include non-payroll employees (such as contractors) whose leave and timesheets need to be tracked.

Express Leave

Leave requests are approved by managers and sent to payroll for processing, streamlining processes and eliminating paperwork. Employees can view their leave entitlements, leave history and see a calendar showing other employees' leave and public holidays.

  • Reduce calls/emails from employees and managers about leave balance entitlements
  • Capture, link and store medical certificates or other supporting documents 
  • Visibility in one location for all employees' leave 
  • Include operational impact of staff who are off-site but not on leave, such as attending training, jury duty, etc.

Online Timesheets

Employees can enter and submit online timesheets on the go from any device. No more chasing employees and managers for approved timesheets on payroll processing day.

  • Employees can enter timesheet data day by day, leaving no room for error or misplaced information at the end of a timesheet period
  • Efficient - timesheet approved and sent to Attaché payroll
  • Capture, link and store supporting documents.

To use Attaché Express Leave and Timesheets, talk to your Attaché consultant or contact Attaché Software.



The Applying for Leave (PDF) fact sheet describes how to register and use Attaché Express Leave to apply for leave. Download and share with your employees and add to your induction kit for new employees.