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Approving leave requests

When an employee submits a leave request for your approval, you'll receive an email notification prompting you to log in to Express Leave to action the request.

When managing leave approvals, you can:

  • review the leave request and, if you are satisfied with the details submitted, approve it immediately
  • reject the leave request 

To review and approve a leave request:

  1. Log in to Express Leave.
  2. From the Manage Approvals menu, select Approve Leave.
    A list of leave requests that are pending your approval is displayed. By clicking View Comments on a leave request you can display a tooltip showing the comment history.
  3. Select the required leave request and choose to approve or reject it.
    • You can also add comments before rejecting the request.
    • Since it is possible for an employee to request more leave than they have available currently, and no calculation is made as to whether that leave will accrue by the requested leave date, you should review the employee's leave balance before approving leave.
  4. The employee will then receive an email notification to advise that the leave request has been approved or rejected. (You'll also receive a copy of this email for your records.)

When a leave request is approved, the leave is added to the calendar. 

Reassigning leave request approvals

If you need to, you can reassign approval of a leave request to another approver. To do this, select the leave request as described in steps 1-3 above, then click Reassign to and choose another approver from the list. An email will be sent to the selected approver, prompting them to log in and action the leave request.  
Note: If you cannot see the Reassign to option, click the blue plus (+) icon next to the employee's name to display it.

Viewing your Approval History

Approval History (under the Manage Approvals menu) allows you to view the leave requests and timesheets that you have approved. You can choose Filter By Type to view only leave requests, only timesheet requests or both. You can also click the filters beside the column headings to change the sort order, or search on an individual employee's approval history.

Cancelling approved leave requests on behalf of an employee

Approved leave requests entered by an employee can be cancelled on their behalf by an Administrator or HR Manager user type, as long as the leave request has not been processed (exported to Attaché Payroll). To cancel an approved leave request, select Check Pay Period from the Review & Process menu.

The Applying for Leave (PDF) fact sheet describes how to register and use Attaché Express Leave to apply for leave.