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Your employer uses Attaché Express Leave to manage leave requests online. Express Leave allows you to apply for leave anytime, via mobile, tablet or desktop. You can also view your leave entitlements and leave history. If permitted, you can also see a calendar showing other employees’ leave and public holidays.

The Applying for Leave (PDF) fact sheet describes how to register and use Attaché Express Leave to apply for leave.

Trouble using Express Leave and Timesheets? Visit the FAQs page for answers.

Joining Express Leave

Your employer will send you a Welcome email containing a link to launch Attaché Express Leave and create your password.

Applying for leave

To apply for leave:

  1. Log in to Express Leave.
  2. Choose Request Leave from the My Leave menu
  3. Enter your leave details. Note that the system allows you to apply for more leave than you currently have available. It is up to your manager to approve your request.
  4. If you wish you can attach a file (such as a medical certificate) or enter a comment. 
    Note:  Express Leave attachments can be any of these file formats: PDF, JPG or JPEG, PNG and BMP.
  5. Select Submit.

Your leave request will be submitted to the person who has been assigned as your default approver, usually this is your manager. 

Once your leave request has been actioned by your manager, you will receive an email indicating the status of your request (approved or rejected). You can also view the status of your leave requests by choosing My Leave from the Express Leave menu.

Requesting leave (full day, half day or hours)

You can apply for leave in half days, full days or hours.

When applying for leave that includes a combination of half days and full days, you need to submit two separate requests. Enter one leave request for the number of full days and one for each half day.

To apply for leave in hours, enter the required hours (for example, 2) in Number of Hours. Although the Number of Work Days displays as 1, only the requested hours will be submitted.

Weekends and public holidays

For typical Monday to Friday employees, Express Leave factors in public holidays (national and regional for Australia and New Zealand) and weekends so you don't need to worry about them in your leave requests. For example, if you want to apply for leave on a Friday and Monday, simply complete a single leave request as usual; Saturday and Sunday won't be counted as leave days.

If you work weekends and public holidays, talk to your payroll manager before you submit your leave request. Your payroll manager can tailor Express Leave to suit each employee’s work patterns. 

Leave requests created on your behalf

If you can't create a leave request, your manager or payroll manager (and possibly other users nominated by your payroll manager) can create a leave request on your behalf. This may be required, for example, if you are on personal / carer's (sick) leave. 

Viewing your leave balances

To view your leave balances, from the My Leave menu, choose My Leave. The leave balances displayed are typically up to and including the last pay period but do not include leave taken or accrued since then. If you feel this is incorrect, talk with your payroll manager.

If you cannot see your leave balances, contact your payroll manager. Your payroll manager controls which leave balances you can see. For example, personal carer's (sick) leave may be hidden.

Using the Leave Calendar

The Leave Calendar is visible to authorised Express Leave users in your organisation and displays employee leave requests and public holidays. Note that the colours are assigned automatically by Express Leave.

Cancelling a leave request

You can cancel a leave request from the My Leave menu if the leave request is in Approved or Pending Approval status (that is, it has not yet been processed).  

To cancel a leave request:

  1. From the My Leave menu, choose My Leave.
  2. Under My Leave Request History, locate and select the leave request.
  3. Click the red Cancel button in the Action column. The leave request is cancelled.

NOTE:  If a leave request is entered for a past date or the same date as the entry date, you will not have the option to cancel it from the My Leave menu.  It will be available to cancel from the Check Pay period menu if you are a HR Manager or Administrator user.