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Finalising a pay run (processing payroll)

Processing payroll finalises the current pay run, including processing calculations and updating data files. No corrections can be made to the pay run after payroll processing is complete.

Before processing payroll:

Calculations and updates that occur during this process include:

  • Employee Masterfile: Transaction details are updated, YTD balances are updated and leave accruals are calculated.
  • Transaction History: Employee and pay element transaction history is recorded.
  • Costing Details: Costing reports are calculated and updated.
  • General Ledger: General ledger postings are created.

When you are satisfied that all payroll transactions entered and payments made to employees are correct you can proceed to finalise the pay run.

To finalise a pay run (process payroll), choose Transactions | Payroll | Process Payroll | Update Files

Very importantly, every time Update Files is run the associated STP batch must be lodged with the ATO if it is a Pay Event. You should submit the batch to the ATO before processing any other pays.

Note: If there are any unchecked time sheet or adjustment pays, a warning message is displayed. Do not continue if any of the unchecked pays should be part of the current pay run.

REF: A000795