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The User Logs menu option enables Attaché Online Org Admin users to track changes made to the personal details of an employee. Any action which changes the personal details, and thus the masterfile details of an employee, is logged. 

The log records are ordered chronologically from newest to oldest and each record includes the following information:

Event Type 

The Event Type is a brief description of what has occurred. The list of event types are:

  • Employee created with onboarding
  • Employee created without onboarding
  • Employee updates their personal details
  • Employee updates their emergency contact details
  • Admin updates employee's personal details
  • Admin updates employee's emergency contact details
  • Admin updates employee's employment details

Log Text

The Log Text includes a detailed description of the action, plus the name of the user who committed the action. 


The Metadata includes the actual changes made.

Date Logged

The Date Logged is a date stamp of the action taken, in the local timezone of the user. 

You can use the search function to search for a user name within the logs. This user name could be in the Log Text or in the Metadata.

However, you can only search by the current username. For example, if an employee has changed from old username to new username, searching on old username will not return any results.

REF: AO 2018-18, RD-228, HL0030