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Issue identified: 18 March 2019

Issue resolved:  21 March 2019.  ATO has resolved. Clients should no longer experience this issue when submitting batches.


As the result of a recent ATO update to STP processing, an issue has been identified whereby the ATO was incorrectly rejecting STP batches and sending the rejection error “CMN.ATO.GEN.500029 (Email address contains invalid text)”. This was due to certain characters in email addresses being incorrectly excluded in their validation process.

What to do if you were affected by this issue  

STP batches affected by this issue will have a status of ATO Rejected. If you experienced this issue you can resubmit the batch. To do so, in the Batch Details screen click Refresh batch to change the batch status to Ready to Submit and then submit the batch in the usual way. Alternatively, you can ignore the rejected batch, wait until your next pay run and then submit the batch for that pay run in the usual way. The new batch will, as always, contain all year-to-date figures.

REF 240319