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This page applies to Attaché Cloud Connector version 19 (November 2019) used with Attaché 19 (or later). For earlier versions see Connecting your company to your online organisation (Cloud Connector version 2).

Attaché Cloud Connector provides the connection between your Attaché desktop companies (datasets) and your Attaché Online organisations. This allows data to flow between the two when using online functions such as Employee Self Service, Single Touch Payroll (Australia) and Payday Filing (New Zealand).  

Cloud Connector allows you to:

Access to Cloud Connector

Who can use Attaché Cloud Connector?

Any Attaché desktop user can launch Cloud Connector to see a list of company-organisation connections. 

To establish a connection between a company and an organisation, you must either be logged into Attaché using the Supervisor password for your Attaché system or be a user with access rights to Company Options. In addition, you must be an Organisation Admin user for the online organisation you want to connect to. 

To disconnect a company you must either be logged into Attaché using the Supervisor password for your Attaché system or be a user with access rights to Company Options.

What is the Supervisor password? 

The Supervisor password for your Attaché system is like a master key that provides full access to your entire system. If you don’t know the Supervisor password, you will need to contact your Attaché consultant or Attaché Support for a password reset. For security purposes, resetting the Supervisor password requires confirmation of your authority to do so.

What is an Organisation Admin user?

Attaché Online has different types of users. An Organisation Admin user can access all menus/tasks in the Attaché Online organisation and carry out all functions. To connect a company to an organisation, you must be an Organisation Admin user for that organisation.

The person who requests an organisation is automatically given Organisation Admin status. You can also create other Organisation Admin users if required. See Creating different types of users in an Attaché Online organisation

How can I see what company connections I have?

After launching Cloud Connector, click View all company connections to display a list of companies and their associated organisations. 

Choosing an organisation to connect to

This screen displays all the Attaché Online organisations that have been requested and for which you (the logged-in user) are an Organisation Admin user. For many businesses, there is only a single organisation 

Why are there no organisations listed? The organisation that I want to connect to is not listed. What should I do? 

If no organisations are listed or some are listed but not the one you want to connect to:

What does Replace mean? When should I do this? 

The Replace button in the list of available organisations is used if a connection needs to be updated when, for example, you are migrating your Attaché system from one server to another. See Attaché server-to-server migration

Connection maintenance

What is Connection Maintenance? When should I disconnect a company? 

Disconnecting a company will not fix issues such as data not refreshing in the organisation or not updating desktop masterfiles. If you are having data issues, contact your Attaché consultant or Attaché Support.

If you disconnect a company during server-to-server migration, you will not be able to retrieve your historical records when you reconnect. 

Generally speaking, you should only disconnect a company when told to do so by your Attaché consultant or Attaché Support. 

How do I restart my Cloud Connector services?

Sometimes you may have to restart your cloud connector services. 
For example, if Single Touch Payroll batches are not uploading to Attache Online, this may be that the Cloud Connector services are not currently running.  To restart these services:

  1. In Attache Desktop, go to Online Services|Attache Online|Cloud Connector
  2. Look for the Connection Maintenance link, and click the drop down Arrow
  3. Click the Restart button to restart the Cloud Connector services.  You should get a pop-up message "Cloud Connector services are restarting".  Once the message goes away the services have been restarted.

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