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This page lists changes related to online deployments in 2018.

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AO 2018-24

Build #6013 deployed on Monday 17 December 2018

Deployed changes:

  • (STP-545 544 543) Improvements have been made to the Single Touch Payroll Submission Errors tab so that errors reported by the ATO are easier to understand and the corresponding solution is displayed on the screen. Previously, users had to go to the Help Centre to read the solution.  

Issues resolved:

  • (FD-2065 1513) Issues have been resolved when creating a new employee in Attaché Online, including:
    • an issue where if the employee email address had a space at the end, it would not validate properly
    • allow an ampersand (&) to be used in job titles. 

  • (FD-1793 1540 1395) Issues have been resolved where the drop-down list was not displaying properly when adding admins to an Attaché Online organisation.

  • (FD-2117 2048 1538 2003 1337 1520 1527 1378) Issues have been resolved in Employee Onboarding, including:
    • Re-invited employees' Default Superannuation details to display in Attaché 18 desktop
    • An issue when selecting Send to Attaché Desktop on the Onboarding Review panel
    • Longer time to allow successful syncing of employees from Attaché Online to the desktop
    • Made length of employee names consistent throughout the system
    • Employee can select the appropriate Date of Birth from the popup calendar
    • An issue where the format for the employee full name was not being read in from Standard Employee
    • An issue where conflicting super fund codes would be created in some instances
    • An issue with syncing employee details back to Attaché desktop upon re-sending the invitation 
    • An issue where Labour Hire in the Tax Cert Category could not be properly selected. 

  • (FD-1893 1785 1583 1776 1575) Issues have been resolved in Single Touch Payroll, including:
    • Only pick up an email address from the Employee Delivery Address Manager
    • Allow users to return to Single Touch Payroll page to review the batch before submission
    • Allow a new user to join an organisation even if the employee email address already exists in the organisation
    • An issue where long addresses were being rejected
    • Single Touch Payroll screen is now responsive and displays properly on iPad and Android.

  • (FD-1301) An issue has been fixed in employee details so that when an admin revokes an employee's access to an organisation, it will also cancel any current invitation, allowing the user to be re-invited at a later date if necessary. 

  • (FD-2019 1305 1964 1803 1740) Issues have been resolved with Attaché Online and Internet Explorer 11 browser, including: 
    • Allow STP Admin to view full search window
    • Allow users to join an organisation
    • Allow users to successfully open all menu items 
    • Errors fixed when opening Attaché Online pages

AO 2018-23

Build #5928 deployed on Thursday 29 November 2018

Deployed changes:

  • (STP-532, STP-533) In Single Touch Payroll, ATO notification emails have been improved with a new layout and simplified content. The updated emails include organisation name, company name and batch status, as well as a View Batch button that links to the Attaché Online Batch Details screen for ATO Confirmed emails or the Submission Errors tab for ATO Rejected emails.  (Unless already logged in, users will be prompted to log in to Attaché Online and complete multi-factor authentication as usual.) 
  • (STP-536) On the Single Touch Payroll Batch List screen,  the Status tooltips have been improved so that they work consistently. 
  • (STP-531) In Single Touch Payroll, validation error messages on the Income Statement tab have been improved to provide more straightforward information.

Issues resolved:

  • (FD-2050) In Single Touch Payroll, the speed of loading employee data when there is a large number of employees in a batch has been improved. 
  • (FD-2070) In Single Touch Payroll, a fix has been implemented so that when a batch has multiple instances, the correct version sequence is stored and displayed to the user.

AO 2018-22

Build #5876 deployed on Thursday 15 November 2018

Deployed changes:

  • (AOC-31) A Getting Started card has been added to the Dashboard (for Organisation Admin users only) that provides links to the Company Connections screen and further information on setting up Cloud Connector. The card is intended to help first-time users in setting up their company connection. 

Issues resolved:

  • (FD-2049) A fix has been implemented on the Country field in Single Touch Payroll.

  • (FD-2013) An issue that caused a synchronising error has been fixed in Employee Onboarding so that the user can now choose from list of valid locations instead of entering a Location Code.

  • (FD-2002) An issue where new employees could not enter certain characters in phone number fields in Employee Onboarding has been resolved.

  • (FD-1953) An issue where employees created through Employee Onboarding did not populate the Surname Sort field in the desktop has been resolved.

AO 2018-21

Build 5800 deployed Wednesday 31 October 2018

Deployed changes:

  • (STP-530, STP-519) On the Batch List screen in Single Touch Payroll, tooltips have been added to explain each of the batch statuses. This has removed the need for the Actions column which has now been deleted. See Understanding STP batch status for a list of the statuses. 
  • (STP-517) Enhancements have been made to the message notifications for ATO System Error Responses so that the information is clearer.

Issues resolved:

  • (FD-2043, FD-2036STP message notifications now show the true batch submission date.

AO 2018-20

Build #5751 deployed on Friday 19 October 2018

Deployed changes:

  • (STP-527, STP-523, STP-524, STP-526) Changes to the Batch Payments calculation have been introduced to comply with ATO requirements, including:
    All deductions before tax are reduced from the Batch Payments amount, which may include Non-exempt Fringe Benefit, Exempt Fringe Benefit, Salary Sacrifice - RESC, Union Fees, or Workplace Giving if they have been set up as Deductions. See STP reporting - Batch Payments for more information.

  • (AOC-122) Enhancements to the My Info page to display the employee's full address, which is viewable to the employee only.

  • (STP-520) On the STP Batch Details screen and Calculation Panel, the wording "W1" and "W2" have been removed from the Batch Payments and Batch PAYGW fields, respectively, to reflect the fact that the ATO will not begin pre-filling the BAS (W1 and W2) until at least 1 July 2019.

Issues resolved:

  • (FD-1906) A new version of ISO-3166 is updated in the Attaché Online Country table. Also, instead of using the Windows country list, the Country field now uses the ISO-3166 list.

AO 2018-19

Build #5724 deployed on Friday 5 October 2018

Deployed changes:

  • Validation on batches prior to ATO submission (STP-493, STP-437, STP-440, STP-486)  

Validation prior to ATO submission has been introduced for Single Touch Payroll batches. If a batch contains any errors, the batch status will be Errors Detected and the errors will be flagged on the relevant batch screens. Users will not be able to submit the batch until all errors are corrected. Addressing issues before submitting a batch will significantly reduce the number of batches rejected by the ATO. 

Batch (parent level):

  • Correct number of employees      
  • Batch date not later than calendar date 

Batch (child) level:

  • Allowances – total YTD cannot be negative
  • Deductions – total YTD cannot be negative
  • ETP – correct financial year
  • Pay Date – within batch date range
  • Period End – within batch date range
  • TFN – correct format
  • State – correct format
  • Postcode – correct format
  • Date of birth – correct format
  • Email – correct format

See Troubleshooting employee Income Statement errors to see employee income statement errors and solutions. (This topic is linked from the errors flagged in Attaché Online.)

Batch declaration:

    • DateABN, and Declaration check boxes are completed.

Note that validation is run against ATO requirements (ATO 2018 schema); it cannot detect whether data matches ATO records. For example, validation checks that the employee’s date of birth is in the correct format, not that it matches the ATO’s recorded date of birth for the employee. 

  • (STP-506, STP-505, STP-441) In Single Touch Payroll, a new Errors Detected status has been introduced to indicate that a batch has errors that need to be corrected prior to submitting to the ATO.  (Note that when validation is turned on in Attaché Online, it will also be applied to any existing batches with the status Ready. If any of these batches contain validation errors, the status will be changed to Errors Detected.)  See also Understanding STP batch status
  • (STP-442, FD-1829) In Single Touch Payroll, users can now submit a batch that includes an employee or employer with an overseas address. Previously these batches were rejected. 
  • (STP-485) An enhancement has been introduced to STP responses, in order to advise when the ATO system may be facing technical issues.

AO 2018-18

Build #5677 deployed on Wednesday 19 September 2018

Deployed changes:

  • (EO-82) Changes to employee masterfiles now tracked in Audit Report 
    In Attaché Online, changes that impact payroll masterfiles are now reported in the Track Changes Audit Report (Tools | Company | Track Changes | Track Changes Report). This includes changes made in Employees (by the Org Admin), My Info (by the employee), Create Employee in Employee Onboarding (by the Org Admin or employee) and Employee Details in Single Touch Payroll (by the Org Admin or STP Admin). In the audit report, the Windows User is the email address of the logged in Attaché Online user who made the changes. To track these changes, your Attaché system must be set up to track payroll masterfile changes (see Tracking changes).
  • (EO-96) In Employee Onboarding, you can now apply an Employee Group to a new employee. This saves time by not having to manually enter more employee data once it has been updated in the employee masterfiles. 
  • (AOC-115)  The invitation sent to Organisation Admins has been updated to include a message that the email expires in 48 hours.    

Issues resolved:

  • (FD-1795) In Attaché Online, an issue has been resolved which stopped some users from switching between different organisation.
  • (FD-1916) A fix has been implemented to capture the correct 'Message Time Stamp' when the Attaché date is in the future. This will stop batches being rejected by the ATO.
  • (FD-1883) A fix has been implemented to allow users to submit an STP batch with a duplicate batch number.
  • (FD-1799) A fix has been implemented so that batches with the status ATO Confirmed reflect the correct action - View Batch.
  • (FD-1778) In the Attaché Online Organisation Details screen, the Organisation type now has a red asterisk to indicate the field is mandatory.

AO 2018-17

Build #5600 deployed on Wednesday 29 August 2018 

Issues resolved:

  • (FD-1915)  An issue where the "?" icon which opens the Batch Calculation Panel on the Batch Details screen was not displaying properly in some browsers has been resolved.
  • (FD-1880)  An issue where the Batch Options drop-down menu on the Batch Details screen was not displaying properly in some browsers has been resolved. 

AO 2018-16

Build #5546 deployed on Tuesday 21 August 2018

Deployed changes:

  • (EO-77) In Employee Onboarding, the calendar used to select date of birth has been improved.
  • (EO-54) Employees with no tax file number (TFN) can now complete Employee Onboarding. The employee has the option to notify the employer of a pending TFN, and the software assigns the placeholder “111111111” to the employee masterfile. 
  • (EO-53) In Employee Onboarding, a “forgot your password” function has been added.
  • (EO-57) In Employee Onboarding, the wording about Super Choice has been updated so that it is easier for employees to understand.

Issues resolved:

  • (FD-1838)  An issue where batches from different companies with duplicate employee codes could not be uploaded to Attaché Online has been resolved.

AO 2018-15

Build #5434 deployed on Wednesday 1 August 2018

Deployed changes:

  • (STP-429, STP-428) In the Batch Details screen, the Batch Payments W1 (formerly known as Batch Gross Payments) figure now includes a calculation panel where you can see the breakdown of all elements that make up the figure. From now on, you can display the panel by clicking the question mark next to the Batch Payments W1 figure. Note that the new calculation panel is only displayed if using Attaché 18.1 or later.  See STP reporting - Batch Payments for more information.

Issues resolved:

  • (FD-1827) Organisation Admin menu items were not displaying if the screen was not maximised. This has been corrected to ensure the menu is displayed on resolutions above Tablet. 
  • (FD-1889) DOB Date Picker is now displaying the correct date and day of the week.
  • (FD-1888) Fixed an issue where the organisation name and logo were not appearing at the top of the onboarding form.

  • (FD-1886) Fixed an issue where if the employee had selected Default super fund,  the choice should show as blank when being reviewed by HR prior to committing it to the employee masterfile.

  • (FD-1751 AT) A rounding issue on Exempt/Non-Exempt Reportable Fringe Benefits has been resolved.
  • (FD-1727 AT) An issue where employees created through employee onboarding did not have their pay advices emailed to them has been resolved. 

AO 2018-14

Builds #5333 and #5363 deployed on Friday 20 July 2018

Deployed changes:

  • (STP-484) A Download CSV button has been added to the STP Batch List screen. This lets you download Employee YTD figures in CSV format. (Note that Super Guarantee amounts are not included; these will be added in a future enhancement.)   
  • (EO-61, EO-49, EO-47) The admin functions in Employee Onboarding have been enhanced to include:
    • Removal of the payment summary question in the Onboarding form
    • The list of onboarded employees is sorted in a more logical manner

    • The ability to re-send invitation to an employee.

  • (EO-60, EO-56) The employee functions in Employee Onboarding have been enhanced to include:

    • Employees can continue filling out the Onboarding form even if mandatory fields have been left blank. Employees can return to the form at a later time to enter the remaining information before submitting the form to the HR or payroll officer 
    • It is now easier for the employee to enter their date of birth in the Onboarding form.

  • .(STP-471) A Set up SBR video has been added to Standard Business Reporting, in order to provide assistance with STP setups.

Issues resolved:

  • (FD-1751) Non-Exempt Reportable FBT displays cents although no deduction or employer contribution transactions exist for this employee
  • (FD-1736) Issue where a pay element was entered multiple times in a timesheet, resulting in incorrect figures in Single Touch Payroll
  • (FD-1727) Issue where employees created through Employee Onboarding did not have their pay advices emailed to them
  • (EO-55) Fixed a broken link to the Fair Work website from Employee Onboarding

AO 2018-13

Build #5262 deployed on Wednesday 4 July 2018

Deployed changes:

  • (AOC-41) Ability to grant access for multiple employees

    The Employee screen in the Employee Portal now includes an Invite multiple employees button, allowing you to select multiple employees and send their invitation emails at the same time. This feature is particularly useful when you need to invite a large number of employees. See Inviting employees to join your Attaché Online organisation.

  • (STP-459, STP-458, STP-457, STP-421, FD-1790) In Standard Business Reporting, you can now add different branches for one ABN/WPN via the Add business button. The branches you set up are displayed in the Registered Businesses list as well as in the ABN/WPN drop-down in Single Touch Payroll. 
  • (STP-418, STP-417)  The Income Statement tab for each employee now displays Ordinary Time Earnings and Super Guarantee amounts, providing more visibility on the information reported to the ATO. 
  • (AOC-31) A new Getting Started card has been added to the Dashboard (for Organisation Admin users only) that provides links to the Company Connections screen and further information on setting up Cloud Connector. The card is intended to help first-time users in setting up their company connection. 

  • (STP-432) The information message that displays after an STP batch has been submitted to the ATO has been updated to state that it can take up to 72 hours for the ATO to respond.

AO 2018-12

Build #5181 deployed on Wednesday 20 June 2018

Deployed changes:

  • (STP-406, STP-405, STP-404, STP-402) Ability to mark an STP batch as Not Required

    In the Batch Details screen, you can change the batch status to Not Required by selecting Mark batch as not required under Batch Options to hide it, by default, from the batch list.

    • The batch status will change to Not Required.
    • This function applies to batches with a status of Ready, ATO Confirmed or ATO Rejected.
    • Both Refresh batch and Sign and submit buttons will be disabled once the batch status is Not Required.
    • To display a batch marked as Not Required, select this status in the Statuses drop-down in the Batch Listing screen.
    • To reinstate a batch marked as Not Required to its previous status, select Reinstate batch under Batch Options in the Batch Details screen.

AO 2018-11

Build #5153 deployed on Wednesday 6 June 2018

Deployed changes:

  • (STP-394, STP-382, STP-270) Ability to refresh a batch and see batch history

After processing pays (which creates an STP batch), users can make changes to employee masterfile details and employee YTD amounts (by updating pay elements) and then click the Refresh Batch button on the STP Batch Details screen to pull in those changes. The employees whose details were changed are indicated on the Employees tab on the Batch Details screen.

    • If the batch has never been submitted to the ATO, the batch is updated with the new details and is then ready to submit.
    • If the batch was previously submitted and then rejected or confirmed by the ATO, the batch is updated with the new details which can then be submitted again. The ATO calls this an Update Pay Event.
      The history of a submitted batch is displayed in the Submission History drop-down on the Batch Details screen. The user can select a previous submission to see the details but cannot refresh or submit it.

The Refresh Batch and Sign and Submit buttons on the STP Batch Details screen are available only for the most recent version of the batch per financial year per company (dataset). Likewise, if a batch is waiting for ATO confirmation (status = ATO Pending), the user cannot refresh or submit it.

  • (STP-389)  The Submission Errors tab, which shows the ATO’s reasons for rejecting a batch, is now only displayed when a batch has been rejected.

  • (STP-401) For consistency with ATO terminology, the STP Batch Listing and Batch Details screens have been updated. Total Batch Gross is now called Batch Gross Payments and Total Batch PAYG is now called Batch PAYGW .
  • (STP-383)  The STP Batch Details screen has been redesigned to make it easier to work with. Details of the batch such as Status, Date Submitted, Batch Gross Payments and Batch PAYGW are now displayed on the left. Actions that the user can take, such as Sign and Submit, are shown on the left of the screen.

AO 2018-10

Build #5058 deployed on Thursday 24 May 2018

Deployed changes:

  • (FD-1749)  In Employee Onboarding, the default super fund was not displayed if the organisation was disconnected from and then reconnected to the desktop company. This issue has been resolved.
  • (EO-1)  In Employee Portal, an Organisation Admin can choose whether to hide or show employee email addresses in the Employee Directory. This allows employee email addresses to remain private if, for example, employees are using a personal email address rather than a work one.
  • (STP-345)  An enhancement has been made to address the issue of STP batches being overridden after restoring a backup. Now, after restoring and then processing a payrun, the generated batch will be available in Attaché Online with the same batch number as that of the payrun prior to the restore. The user will be able to submit both batches. The ATO will accept the later batch. For the earlier batch, the user will receive an ATO rejection message (via an Attaché Online email) but need take no further action. (Note that we are awaiting ATO confirmation of this functionality.)

AO 2018-9

Build #4976 deployed on Thursday 10 May 2018

Deployed changes:

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