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This tutorial explains how to add an image to a customer, supplier, product or employee masterfile. This feature is available in any masterfile code field that has a Find (F2) lookup. To view the image choose Find (F2) in the masterfile code field, then choose Image (F8).

Before you begin

Save the image as a JPG file and ensure that the file name matches the masterfile code used in Attaché.

Saving the image in the company resources folder

  1. In Attaché, locate the company resources folder:
    1. Choose Tools | Company | System | System Status.
    2. Note down the path displayed in Current Resource Location (e.g. C:\Apps\AttacheBI\Resources\Current).
  2. In Windows Explorer, browse to the company resources folder (as noted above).
  3. Locate and access the folder called Images.
  4. Locate and access the folder called Customer (or Supplier, Product, Employee) and save the file to this location.

The image is now available for viewing.

Note: If using multi locations create a folder for each location and store the images in this folder (e.g. Current Resource Location\Images\Products\SYD).



REF: S0031 | 300316 | 3.2 | SF 3424