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Contact your Attaché consultant or Attaché Software to have Work Days Templates enabled in your Express Leave company.

In Express Leave you can now set up Work Days Templates to cater for employees whose work pattern doesn't fit a Monday-Friday 5-day work week. This allows you to use Express Leave with employees that are shift workers, work 7 days a week, variable hours each work day or on public holidays, and so on.

You can create a Work Days Template for each pattern of work you need (for example, weekend shift) and then assign it to the relevant employees. You can see which employees are assigned to each template and, for employees who do not fit one of your templates, you can create their own custom standard work days. 

Note that if you change an employee's Work Days Template or custom standard hours, future leave balances will be recalculated based on the changes.

See Using Work Days Templates to set up non-standard work hours in Express Leave 

To facilitate the new Work Days templates, the following changes have also been made to the wording on the Manage Users screen:

  • Work Hours has been renamed to Work Days
  • Add Hours has been renamed to Assign Hours
  • Edit Hours now displays the template name and includes an Edit option. If a template has been edited because of a variation in the employee's work days and/or hours then Custom is displayed in place of the template name to show that the template has been modified.

REF 291119 

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