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The NASFund Savings and Loan Report (NCSL) for Papua New Guinea includes options to create a Group Premium Return Report and generate a Group Premium Return file. Before generating the file enter the Registration Number.

All employees with deductions within the ranges entered and have a code beginning with any of the following prefixes will be included on this report.

This report was released separately via your Attaché partner in September 2020.

EDUCATEEducational savings
GENSAVEGeneral savings
CHRSAVEChristmas savings
REPAYLNLoan repayment
POROPORO account

Parameters and descriptions

Field or group nameDescription
Report Parameters
Report TypeDetailed (NCSL)
Summary (Group Premium Return) - once submitted export to CSV. 
First DateFirst day of the reporting period.
Last DateLast day of the reporting period. Note: Report can only be ran within the same calendar month. 
Registration Number

Enter the business registration number. This will populate on the report.


Filter by selected employees location(s).

EmployeeFilter by selected employee(s).
Pay PointFilter by selected employees pay point(s).
Superb200fileAvailable on Detailed (NCSL)
Include Certification If to include to the certification at the bottom of the report. 

REF: ID 860 | MOD 43 PNGREPRT | WHLP | 21.1 | 10/09/2020