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This page lists changes related to online deployments in 2020.

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Access Attaché Accounts and Payroll / Express Leave / STP / BizDocs  2020-12-11


Wootric is a product that will be used to measure our Net Promotor Score (NPS) from our customers.

What is a Net Promotor Score (NPS)

NPS is a way for Access to help measure the loyalty of customers to a company and its products using a single question survey.

Responses of 9 and 10 are considered promoters,  7-8 neutral, and 1-6 detractors.

Completing the NPS Survey

To complete the survey, at the bottom of the screen customers will notice a small banner with the question “How likely are you to recommend this product or service to a friend or co-worker?” from 0 to 10

Once they have selected the number they can add a message if they wish, and click send.

Responses will be sent back to Wootric for analysis.

Express Leave 2020-12-11

Defects Resolved 

  • (FD-3050) Express Leave - Reviewing Time Tracking entry on IOS displays Invalid Date
  • (FD-2889) Leave Calculation Days incorrect when changing employee from 5 days to 7 days a week

Express Leave 2020-12-03

Defect Resolved:

  • (FD-3054) Process Pay - Loading Performance Issues
  • (FD-3026) Process for Pays export report is now displaying hours in the type column as it used to
  • (FD-2954) Admin portal for EL when creating a org/company and selecting 7 days will no longer default back to 5 days
  • (FD-3059) Resolved error where hours against Approve Timesheet only showing 1 day

Document Delivery Management 2020-11-23

Defect Resolved:

  • (FD-3016) Resolved an issue in Document Delivery Management where pay advice was not loaded via MyPay.

Express Leave 2020-11-17

Defect Resolved:

  • (FD-3061) Resolved an issue where the date requested column was missing from the Check Pay Period screen.
  • (FD-3062) Resolved an issue where the filters for the Pay Frequency and the Pay Point where not available on the Process for Payroll screen.
  • (FD-3064) Resolved an issue where extra or sequential approvers could not be set in the Manage User screen.
  • (FD-3068) Resolved an issue where Time Tracking functionality was not available.

Express Leave 2020-11-11

Defect Resolved:

  • (FD-3056) Resolved an issue where Express Leave is not returning the time type entries for timesheets when an employee edits or a manager is reviewing a timesheet.

Express Leave 2020-11-10

Defect Resolved:

  • (FD-3018) Resolved an issue where Approving Timesheets would redirect to an error 500.
  • (FD-3020) Resolved an issue where Check Pay Period would cause a 504 Gateway Time-Out error
  • (FD-3029) Resolved an issue reassigning a timesheet did not complete the full process
  • (FD-3033) My Timesheets section loading slowly. 
  • (FD-3034) When submitting a timesheet page loading slowly 
  • (FD-3035) When approving a timesheet taking a while to load the page.

Express Leave 2020-11-05

Defect Resolved:

  • (FD-3000) Resolved an issue where iOS devices would not allow Time Tracking entries to be submitted.

Express Leave 2020-10-28

Defect Resolved:

  • (FD-2772) Resolved an issue where comments did not show on Process for Payroll and Restore Entry screen. 

Attaché Online 2020-10-20

Defect Resolved:

  • (FD-2984) Resolved an issue where the P & L Balance Sheet was not calculating totals when using auto GL Posting.

Express Leave 2020-10-01

Reporting Enhancements

  • Leave Balance Report – Each leave type will be split into hours and days. This will make it easier to reconcile outstanding leave balances.
  • Filtered Report – Each leave type will be split into hours and days. This will make it easier to reconcile outstanding leave balances.
  • Check Pay Period – Each leave request will show the requested leave in separate hours and days columns. The leave balance for each employee listed on the report will also be split into hours and days.
  • Process for Payroll – Each leave request will show the requested leave in separate hours and days columns.

Express Leave 2020-09-28

Time Tracking Enhancements

  • Time Tracking Approver – Employees can now be configured to have a different approver for Leave and Time Tracking submissions.
    If the time tracking approver is not configured Time Tracking submissions will be sent to the leave approver. 
  • Enable Time Tracking Emails – Each company can configure if they want emails sent to the approver when an employee submits Time Tracking.
    Time Tacking emails are configured in the company admin menu.
  • Break Only Submissions – When an employee attempts to submit Time Tracking with only a break and no worked time the submission will save and not be sent to a manager.
  • Time Tracking Report CSV Export – Hours worked and break times are separated on the report.

Attaché Online 2020-09-14

My Time Tracking in Express Leave

In Express Leave employees can now record their start and stop times as well as any unpaid breaks. The employee can then submit their times for manager approval.

Payroll managers can then report and review the start/stop times to ensure compliance with the Fair Work annualised salary legislation (effective March 2020).

Click here for more information

Attaché Online 2020-08-24

Product Feedback

  • Client will receive and Auto-reply email when they submit Product Feedback within our Product Feedback Tool.
  • available for Access Attaché V19.2 or later 
  • Click here for more information

Attaché Dashboard - Browse Top Customers

  • Rename Top 10 Customers to Browse Top Customers
  • Allowed clients to select from top 10 to top 40 Customers
  • Allowed Customers to specify custom date range
  • Customer now have the option to display multiple customers
  • available for Access Attaché V19.2 or later
  • Click here for more information

Backup Scheduler

  • Customer using backup scheduler will now receive an email notification when a backup is successful or failed.
  • The email notifications can be sent to multiple contacts within the organisation.
  • available for Access Attaché V20.1 or later
  • Click here for more information

Attaché Online 2020-08-20

Super fund search in Employee Onboarding

In Employee Onboarding, when an Australian employee is completing their super fund details, they now select their fund from an ATO-defined list of APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) funds. Previously employees typed in their fund, which was prone to error. By selecting their fund, the onboarding journey is more straightforward for the employee, and the payroll manager can avoid additional communications to clarify the fund details.

Attaché Online 2020-11

Deployed 18 Aug 2020

Defects resolved:

  • (FD-2960) Resolved an issue on Transaction Pending notification where database queries execution caused service stopping and received an error in the CTSTATUS file.
  • (FD-2958) Resolved an issue on company colour scheme where unable to change colour scheme.

Express Leave 2020-08-13

New and improved leave calendar

The new-look calendar in Express Leave provides a better visual design as well as a better view of staff on leave. You can choose to show all employees, employees for whom you approve leave or create a custom list for employees in a particular team or group.

Express Leave 2020-08-11

Multiple approvers for leave requests and timesheets

In Express Leave you can now set up more than one approver for an employee.  

  • Additional approver: An employee can now have a Default Approver as well as an Additional Approver as an alternative. So when the Default Approver is on leave, the request will be sent to the Additional Approver. 
  • Sequential (second) approver: If your organisations has a two-level approval process, you can now set up sequential levels of approval. An employee can have a First Approver and a Second Approver. Both need to approve the leave request or timesheet. Email notifications are sent to each approver in accordance with the sequence, and final (or rejection at either stage) approval to the employee.

Attaché Online 2020-08-03

Based on feedback we have implemented the following enhancements to Attaché Online Employee Onboarding:

  • Additional actions to mark an employee onboarding form as not required: 

In the main Employee Onboarding listing, you can now mark an onboarding form using the 'Actions' as Mark employee as not required

  • Filters on Employee Onboarding listing:

The screen includes filters so you can choose to list only employees with the status you are looking for – In Progress, Pending, and Not Required.

Attaché Online 2020-10

Deployed 23 Jul 2020

Deployed Change:

Update the following with the new branding for Access Attaché:

  • Attaché Online
  • MyPay
  • BizDocs Inbox and Outbox
  • Cloud Connector

Attaché Online 2020-9

Deployed 22 Jul 2020

Defects resolved:

  • (FD-2937) The EOY Finalisation toggle on the Single Touch Payroll batch screen is disabled to gracefully load the STP batch screen. However, if you need to finalise the STP, you can finalise through the batch screen and select Options button then select Finalisation.  Find out how to finalise STP click here.

Express Leave 2020-07-09

Deployed 09 July 2020

Express Leave has been updated with the new branding for Access Attaché.

Express Leave 2020-06-23

Defect resolved:

(FD-2896) Resolved an issue in Express Leave where a leave request was displaying incorrectly for the approver, if it was for more than one day.

Cloud Connector 2020-05-19

Defects resolved:

  • (FD-2875) Resolved an issue in Cloud Connector for Attaché 19.X where Connect button did not function properly.

Attaché Online 2020-8

Deployed 05 May 2020

Defects resolved:

  • (FD-2836) Resolved an issue in STP for instances where batches have remained in 'Pending' for longer than thirty days. 
  • (FD-2779) Resolved an issue in Employee Onboarding where there were some instances of an onboarded employee would remain ‘In Progress’.
  • (FD-1141) Resolved an issue in Bank Reconciliation when qif file format contained both P-line and M-line, in the Unreconciled Statement Transactions the details would display P line with M line in brackets. 

Payday Filing 2020-05-04

Deployed 04 May 2020

Deployed Change:

As requested by IR, we have added employee pay frequency in the Payday Filing v1 return file that is sent to IR and in the EI Return Report.

Attaché Online 2020-7

Deployed 22 April 2020

Deployed Change:

We have added a change to the Income Statement Report, to assist users when reconciling Itemised Allowances. Where there are no itemised allowances for an employee the value against allowance will now reflect as none instead of $0.00.

Defects resolved:

  • (FD-2838/ESS-1908) Resolved an issue in Attaché Online where were users were unable to select an organisation due to system clock being set incorrectly For Example if the system clock was set ten minutes ahead or behind an error message was displayed to user. 

Express Leave 2020-04-02

Defect resolved:

(FD-2824) Resolved an issue in Express Leave when a timesheet was reviewed and approved the employee name was overridden for the approver name.

Attaché Online 2020-6

Deployed 09 April 2020

Defect resolved:

  • (FD-2110) Resolved an issue in Attaché Online that could cause users to see duplicated organisations.
  • (FD-2654) Resolved an issue in DocViewer where MyPay, BizDoc Inbox and Outbox documents could not be opened when using Internet Explorer 11.

Express Leave 2020-04-02

Defect resolved:

(FD-2824) Resolved an issue in Express Leave when a timesheet was reviewed and approved the employee name was overridden for the approver name.

Attaché Online 2020-5

Deployed on 20 March 2020

Deployed change:

Single sign-on for Attaché Online is now fully implemented, which means you’ll only need to log in once to access all your Attaché Online apps. However, if you have trouble accessing Single Touch Payroll after the implementation, please complete the following steps before calling Attaché Support:

  1. In your default web browser, clear your browsing history, including cookies. If you’re unsure of how to do this, check the Help for your browser.
  2. Log in to Attaché Online through the Attaché desktop application. To do this, sign on to your Payroll company, choose Online Services | Attaché Online and log in to Attaché Online as usual.
  3. If you have an existing Attaché Online bookmark, replace it with a new bookmark.

Defect resolved:

  • (FD-2802) Resolved an issue in Employee Onboarding where the Fair Work Information Statement has been updated to the latest version. 

Express Leave 2020-03-18

(FD-2730) Resolved an issue in Express Leave when reviewing a leave request where an approver was unable to see if the employee had a negative leave balance.

(FD-2778) Resolved an issue in Express Leave where users were unable to select a date from the calendar when submitting a leave request if using Internet Explorer.

Express Leave 2020-02-14

In Express Leave, when using Process for Payroll to create a transactions file for import to your desktop payroll company, you now have the ability to select a specific pay frequency or pay point.

Payday Filing 2020-02-10

Defect resolved:

  • (FD-2764/FD-2755) Resolved an issue where a spinner appears when trying to launch Payday Filing.

Express Leave 2020-02-05

We are continuously working to improve Express Leave and based on feedback we have implemented the following enhancements to Express Leave reporting:

  • You now have the ability to export the Check Pay Period, Process for Payroll, Leave Balance and Filtered Report to CSV and print file formats.
  • New filters have been added to the Leave Balance Report:
    • As At Date -  allows you to select a specific date up to which to display leave balances
    • Employee – allows you to select multiple employee names and employee codes
    • Leave Types – allows you to select the leave types you wish to see
    • Location – allows you to run the report by location
  • Employees can now submit multiple leave requests for different leave types for the same day. For example, if an employee needs to apply for a sick day but does not have sufficient hours in the day, they can submit one request for the available sick leave hours and the remainder of the hours can be submitted as an annual leave type request for the same day.

Attaché Online 2020-2-1

Defect resolved:

  • (FD-2751) Fixed an issue in Attaché desktop where if trying to run Cost Centre Budgets (Setups | General Ledger | Budgets), an error was displayed and the or task screen would not open.

Express Leave 2020-01-22

Defect resolved:

  • (IM-241) Resolved an issue in Express Leave where a Data Sync message appears if the company is not connected to an Attaché Online organisation.

Attaché Online 2020-2

Build #7050 deployed on Tuesday 21 January 2020 

Deployed change:

  • (AR-165) Improved the quality of video articles displayed on the What’s new panel in Attaché Online.

Cloud Connector 2020-01-17

Deployed change:

  • In the Attaché desktop, the Modern menu now includes Online Services in the left-hand main menu that has links to launch Attaché Online and Cloud Connector. These were previously individual main menu items. (Note that as this is a processor deployment, individual computers will detect the update over a 24-hour period. Alternatively, to force the update immediately  you can restart services and wait for few minutes.)

Attaché Online 2020-1-1

From March 2020 the digital identity you use to access Australian government online services is changing from AUSkey to myGovID. Attaché’s Single Touch Payroll services have been updated to be compatible with myGovID. There are no changes to the way you submit or manage STP batches. To learn more about myGovID, visit the myGovID website (

Express Leave 2020-01-15

Defect resolved:

  • (FD-2734) Fixed an issue where, if you were working on a period-to-period basis and your week begins between Tuesday and Saturday, your timesheet would be pushed one week ahead.

Express Leave 2020-01-14

Defect resolved:

  • (FD-2735) Resolved an issue in Express Leave where a user was not able to submit a request for leave beyond June 2020.

Express Leave 2020-01-10

Defects resolved: 

  • (FD-2146) Resolved an issue when if entering a timesheet that spanned two calendar years, the days of the week in the new year displayed as their equivalent in the current year. For example, 01/01 which was a Tuesday in 2019 was also displaying as a Tuesday in 2020 where it should have been a Wednesday.
  • (FD-2497) Resolved an issue where a comment on a leave request would not display any wording after the user entered a line break.
  • (FD-2648) Resolved an issue where users could accidentally submit leave requests for the wrong financial year. Now users can only enter leave requests for the current financial year and one year either side.  
  • (FD-2170) Resolved an issue where if a comment had a line break in it, the user could not open the comment to edit it. 
  • (FD-2450) Resolved an issue when viewing a leave request in Leave History where if there was more than one comment and the last comment was blank, it would not display any comments. 
  • (FD-2726) Resolved an issue where timesheets were not displaying for 2020.
  • (FD-1912) Resolved an issue where users could not swipe across the timesheets on a mobile device to enter hours worked.
  • (FD-2159) Resolved an issue where if a leave request spanned two years, when a timesheet for the first week period in the latter year was created, the leave request from the earlier year would display in the timesheet.
  • (FD-2213) Resolved an issue where decimal rounding was not being applied if a timesheet contained certain combinations such as .6 and .1.  
  • (FD-2278) Resolved an issue where a timesheet awaiting approval could not be viewed correctly by the approver on a mobile device.
  • (FD-2386) Resolved an issue where the incorrect total number of hours was displayed when attempting to edit a pending leave request.
  • (FD-2393) Resolved an issue where the Edit and Review buttons were not aligned under the Action column on the Timesheet History screen.
  • (FD-2470) Resolved an issue in Approval History where comments were not being displayed.
  • (FD-2510) Resolved an issue in Manage Users Leave Balance where Time in Lieu was not displaying.
  • FD-2510) Resolved an issue so that the wording users enter for Category 1 and Category 2  in Leave Types is now displayed. 
  • (FD-2532) Resolved an issue in My Timesheets where a leave request was allocated to the incorrect day when the same Leave Type was used for multiple requests in a one-week pay period.
  • (FD-2682) Resolved an issue where very long comments were not displaying correctly in the Leave Requested column throughout Express Leave and Timesheets.

Attaché Online 2020-01

Build #7033 deployed on Wednesday 8 January 2020 

Defects resolved:

  • (FD-2623) Resolved an issue where an error was incorrectly displayed when trying to update payroll employees in Attache Online.
  • (FD-2579) Resolved an issue in Single Touch Payroll where if the user chose to refresh a batch in a disconnected company, the system attempted to check payroll for updates and stayed in the "Update in progress" state.
  • (FD-2438) Resolved an issue where an Attache Online Organisation Admin user could not edit and then save employee information.

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