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Access Attaché 20.2 desktop release

Attaché Payroll (New Zealand)

Update to PAYE for the new top rate on Extra Pays (from 1 April 2021)

In preparation for the new top rate on Extra Pays of 39% which comes into effect from 1 April 2021, the following changes have been made:

  • a new Top Rate field has been added to Payroll Options
  • a new Top Rate for Extra Pay Rate has been added to standard pays, time sheets, adjustment pays and disk file entry.

Important note: 

If you upgrade to Access Attaché version 20.2 during the 2020/21 financial year (that is, the Effective From date in Payroll Options is 01/04/2020), you need to alter the Grossed Amount on the Tax Details in Payroll Options to the following so they are correct for the remainder of this financial year:

  • High Rate: 180000.00 and 0.330000
  • Top Rate: 9999999999.99 and 0.330000

When you import the 2021/22 tax scales, after your last pay for 2020/21 and end-of-year processing, the Effective From date will change to 01/04/2021 and the Top Rate will update automatically to the new rate of 39%.

Changes to Payroll Options (Tax Details) if upgrading prior to the start of the 2021/22 financial year

REF 240221

Required upgrade 

All Attaché Payroll users running New Zealand payroll should upgrade to Access Attaché 20.2 prior to the first pay run of the new financial year. We recommend you book a consultant to carry out the upgrade. 

How to upgrade

Access Attaché 20.2 is available to download from the new Customer Success Portal.

Compatibility with Attaché  PRO

Attaché version 19.2 (or later, including the new Attaché 20.2) is compatible only with Attaché PRO version If you are using an older version of Attaché PRO, you need to upgrade when you upgrade to Attaché 20.2 for the start of the new financial year.