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Access Attaché 22.1 desktop release

April 2022

Access Attaché version 22.1 includes changes to the information that can be displayed on a pay advices and three new Bill of Material reports; it also facilitates the use of eInvoicing. Version 22 also includes the depreciation of TLS 1.0 and 1.1, ensuring a more secure software application and to maintain Single Touch Payroll compliance.

A new version of Attaché ClearView (version 4.50) has also been released with comparable TLS changes.


Removal of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 (improved security)

Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1, which handled the communications security over a computer network, has been turned off because of known vulnerabilities. This ensures we continue to meet the ISO compliance standards 27001 for Single Touch Payroll.

Access Attaché Payroll (all countries)

Termination pay breakdown on employee pay advices

Pay advices have been enhanced to include the breakdown of components that make up a termination pay. This allows an employee to see the breakdown of the amounts paid for Termination Payments A, B, and D on their final pay slip.

Option to display BSB and Account Number on pay advices

You can now choose to display the BSB and Account Number of an employee's pay on pay advices. To do so, on the Options tab of Print Pay Advices (Payroll | Reports | Pre-process Pays | Pay Advices), select the Show Bank Details tick box. The software will save this selection for pay advices in future pay runs.     

Access Attaché Payroll (Australia)

Correct tax scales for Working Holiday Makers with no TFN

In the employee masterfile, the Tax Certificate Category of Working Holiday Maker has been enhanced to select the correct tax scale for employees who have not provided a TFN. This feature ensures you have the correct employee configuration when reporting an employee's Tax Treatment Code via Single Touch Payroll.The Pay Elements of the Leave Table have been updated to include Ancillary and Defence Leave. This will provide the option for the accrual of leave for this Income Category.

Access Attaché Accounts

New Bill of Materials reports

In Products | Reports | BOM Reports three new reports have been added:

These reports provide details on the materials in each bill, what bill batches have been manufactured, and what bill batches are yet to be manufactured. Previously, this information was not easily accessible.

To read more details on each report, with the relevant report screen open in Attaché Accounts, click the Help button. 

eInvoicing (Australia)

Attaché Accounts version 22 facilitates the use of eInvoicing. eInvoicing is the automated digital exchange of invoice information between suppliers and buyers through a secure network. From 1 July 2022, if you invoice to any federal or state government, these documents will be need be submitted or received electronically. Attache customers will be able to use the new eInvoicing Workspace application for these transactions. Look out for more information on eInvoicing closer to the start date of 1 July 2022.

See eInvoicing for government on the ATO website

REF 280322

How to upgrade

We recommend you ask your consultant to carry out the upgrade, however, if you intend for your system administrator to do the upgrade, you can download and install the required software:

For detailed upgrade instructions, see: 

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