If you have identified an error in the time sheet import file for Attaché Payroll, you can restore the transactions in Express Leave and create a new import file with the correct data.

Before you restore previously processed transactions confirm that you have not processed this file in Attaché Payroll. If you have already processed this file in Attaché Payroll restore your payroll company to before this file was processed using Attaché Archive.

To restore previously processed transactions to Express Leave;

  1. Log on to Attaché Express Leave (https://leave.attacheonline.com/login).
  2. Select Processed Leave from the Reports menu to see a list of processed batches.
  3. Locate the batch you need to restore. You can choose to restore the batch or individual transactions within that batch. Once restored those transactions will display as unprocessed in reports.
    1. To restore the batch, choose Restore in the Action column.

    2. To restore individual transactions, select x leave records in the Leave Entries column. Locate the transaction to restore and select Restore.

After you have restored transactions proceed with your adjustments in Express Leave and see Processing leave transactions in Attaché Payroll to recreate the import file for Attaché Payroll.