The ClearView Dashboards allow users to see important accounts and payroll information at a glance. Information is visually displayed in gadgets in a web-style dashboard which is easy to navigate. The built-in tools allow users to get information quickly to identify opportunities and spot problems before they get out of control.

Attaché ClearView has the following key components:

How ClearView works

Attaché ClearView uses a data service which reads native Attaché data so that it can be displayed in dashboard gadgets. The processed data is stored in database files separate to the main Attaché data files. This allows more flexibility when creating queries for custom reports.

When data (such as new accounts and transactions) is entered into the Attaché, all updates are recorded in the Attaché Monitor file. 

The ClearView Data Service continuously checks the Attaché database for updates. As soon as new updates are found, the Data Service copies and converts the data from the Attaché tables to the ClearView tables, so that the data can be displayed in the dashboards.

ClearView Data Service

When you first start using Attaché ClearView with a company, it will be automatically monitored by the Data Service. You can enable/disable the Data Service on certain companies, as required.

The Data Service runs whenever your server is running, and not just while you are logged into Attaché. So even if you do not use ClearView every day, the Data Service will still keep your data up to date so it will be instantly available when you next log in.

The Data Service will assume standby mode when no activity is detected. In standby mode all connections to data files are closed and no updates occur. This greatly reduces CPU activity, disk and network access making it very efficient to run, and it will not conflict with scheduled data backups (for example, in the middle of the night). The Data Service resumes processing when it detects activity in Attaché.

When ClearView is first used in each Attaché company, it needs to read and process all your existing Attaché data. This process is called data initialisation. This may take some time but is necessary for ClearView to be able to display data in the dashboard.

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