Attaché Payroll tax scales for the 2020/21 financial year are now available.

These tax scales are compliant with Attaché BI version 3.6 or later, including Attaché 18 and Attaché 19. If you are using an earlier version, talk to your Attaché consultant about upgrading prior to completing your end-of-year processing.

You should import these tax scales before processing pays with a pay period ending on or after 1 April, but they should not be imported before that date.

For information on how to download and then import the new tax scales, see Download Tax Scales from the Web

Note: In previous years, you could download the tax scales file from the Attaché Members website. This facility was intended for those with unreliable or no Internet connection, however, in recent years there has been no demand for this service. All New Zealand Payroll users require a reliable Internet connection for payday filing.

If you have trouble updating your tax scales via the Attaché menu, contact your Attaché consultant for assistance.