Upgrade to Attaché 19.2 so that you can see the new Accounts Dashboard. The dashboard has been automatically deployed to your 19.2 desktop. Upgrade from the Attaché Members website or talk to your Attaché consultant. 


A new addition to the Attaché desktop is now available with the Attaché Accounts Dashboard.  Take a look!  

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Access Attaché Accounts Dashboard (4:23) video

General Ledger Accounts gadget

The General Ledger Accounts gadget lets you view the opening and closing balance for any general ledger account. You can also drill down into the Power Search to locate individual transactions or export the transactions that make up an opening or closing balance. 

Browse Top Customers gadget

The Browse Top Customers gadget gives you a snapshot of your top customers within the time frame you select.

Click the pie chart to open a new Customer Lookup that provides speedy access to customer and invoice information. 

Find Postings gadget

Use the Find Postings gadget to look up a transaction and see the related general ledger postings. 

You can also open the transaction by simply clicking the document number – a handy shortcut right there on your desktop. 

Sales by Product gadget

The Sales by Product gadget shows products sold in the period you select.  

You can also export the results as a CSV file for further analysis.

Sales by Rep gadget 

The Sales by Rep gadget lets you see total sales by each of your sales reps during the selected period, with the totals displayed as both the dollar amount and as a bar graph.  

You can also see the total sales for the period.