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Import New Zealand Tax Scales 2019/20

Attaché Payroll tax scales for the 2019/20 financial year are now available. These tax scales are suitable for all versions of Attaché Payroll.

You can get the new tax scales by:

  • downloading them via the Attaché menu (Setups | Payroll | Tax Scales | Download Tax Scales from Web). 

  • downloading them from the Tax Scales page of the Attaché Members website.  Note that the version of the tax scales to download depends on whether you are using Attaché BI version 3.6 or later (including Attaché 18) or Attaché BI version 3.5 or earlier (including Attaché 1.x) To find your version of Attaché, choose Help | About. 

See how to download via the Attaché menu and import the tax scales


New payroll tax scales for New Zealand, effective 1 April 2019

The tax scales are dated 1 April 2019.

You should install these tax scales before processing pays with a pay period ending on or after 1 April 2019 but they should not be imported before that date.