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Latest releases

Attaché 19.2 (November 2019)

Attaché 19.2 includes performance improvements to Backup Scheduler, a number of new and updated ViewModels for custom reports and significant back-end changes that further integrates Attaché desktop with Attaché Online. Attaché Cloud Connector version 19 has also been deployed in conjunction with Attaché 19.2

Attaché 19.1 (May 2019)

This release includes significant enhancements for Australian payroll related to the end-of-financial year 2018/19 and for New Zealand payroll related to leave liability calculations and payday filing. 

In Attaché Accounts, an improved search function has been added in Bank Reconciliation, and in Asset Management you can now add attachments to an asset masterfile by using the new Attachments tab.

Attaché 18.1 – Attaché 18.3 (May – October 2018)

Features introduced in Attaché 18 include new-look login and company selection screens and a new Modern menu style and desktop. For Accounts, changes include a compliance update to the Supplier Taxable Payments Annual Report, the ability to import customer orders into a supplier purchase order and the automatic allocation of landed costs.

Payroll enhancements include the ability to attach a bank account to a deduction and the ability to set up itemised allowances for Single Touch Payroll reporting for Australia. For New Zealand, Attaché 18.3 includes all the required changes to facilitate the Payday Filing functions to be introduced in future releases of Attaché Online. 

Attaché BI version 3.7.2 (November 2017)

This version contains changes to enable Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting for Australian Payroll, including integration with Attaché Online and data linking to the ATO. Other recent changes include improved consolidation on customer and supplier payment files, enhancements to the new Bank Reconciliation, updates to the Product Status by Date Report and the ability to set up an income type for cashed-out leave.

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Attaché upgrades

If you haven’t upgraded your Attaché system recently, you’re missing out on important legislative changes as well as new features and improved usability that take advantage of the new database.

Talk to your Attaché consultant about upgrading today.