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Termination pay calculator

The Termination Pay Calculator allows you to calculate unused leave payments, minimum redundancy or severance pay, invalidity payments, withholding tax for unused leave payments and Employment Termination Payments. You can also create multiple termination schedules for an employee, which gives you the ability to do "what if" scenarios. 

After you create a termination schedule you can print the Termination Pay Statement, which shows totals for Lump Sums A, B and D, and totals for the tax-free and taxable ETP components and their withholding tax amounts. When processing the termination pay in Add/Modify Time Sheets, you can then enter the details from the Termination Pay Statement in the Termination screen.

Before using the Termination Pay Calculator for the first time, please ensure that you have the correct setups in Attaché Payroll: 

  • In Payroll Options (Setups | Payroll | Options | Payroll Options), ensure that you have set up, or read in via the tax scales, the termination payment thresholds and withholding rates.
  • In Termination Payment Type Maintenance (Setups Payroll Income Types | Termination Pay Type Maintain), ensure that the Include in Lump Sum D check box is set correctly for the standard termination pay types. If necessary, set up any additional termination payment types that you require.
    Note: The Include in Transitional check box no longer applies.

Many fields in the Termination Pay Calculator are prefilled or calculated from information in the Employee Masterfile. Before creating a termination schedule, check that the following details are correct in the Employee Masterfile:

  • Start Date
  • Date of Birth
  • Tax File Number
  • Tax Code
  • Leave accrual balances

Warning: The Termination pay calculator is not currently compliant with the changes to ETP's made in 2012/13. Please use the calculator with caution if creating a schedule that includes an ETP payment. For more information on ETP's refer to the ATO website.

REF: A001080.01 221116 3.4

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